Thursday 14 December 2017

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As an intuitive consultant, Alan has a unique perspective on the world. Here in one place are all his words of wisdom to date.

24 January 2017Rome wasn't built in a day!
14 February 2016Don't give up - give yourself a fresh start!
23 November 2015Take back your life - take back your health!
5 June 2015Forget about being beach-ready, it's all about "being life-ready"!
27 May 2015The Intuitive's Eye
2 May 2015Don't let yourself be distracted by the natural cycle of life!
17 February 2015If you're stuck inside, take the opportunity to go further inside with mindfulness!
27 November 2014Intuition - The secret to a longer life?
27 July 2014Go on - treat yourself to a Medical Intuitive Reading!
22 May 2014Book Review: You Are The Placebo
5 May 2014Medical Intuition: Get beyond the M-word and it's a truly transformational tool!
3 April 2014Intuition: Your Key to Financial Prosperity
17 March 2014Intuition: The Original Source of Wisdom and Intelligence
12 January 2014Make 2014 a choice year!
22 December 2013Season's Greetings - and your very own Survival Guide!
6 December 2013Let your intuition lead you to the perfect gifts!
26 November 2013Book Review: E-Squared
5 October 2013Harvest the fruit of your intuition this autumn!
7 August 2013A reading: your new summer essential!
24 July 2013You don't have to be royal to get my intuitive insights!
2 July 2013Intuition - the magic to help you on your quest!
1 July 2013Book Review: Intuition and Beyond
22 May 2013If you want to give readings, let me teach you how!
10 May 2013Book Review: You The Healer
2 May 2013Gut Feelings and Intuition: Is there a difference?
4 March 2013If you need a fresh start, March is here to give you one!
23 February 2013Book Review: Advanced Psychic Development
12 February 2013The Pope resigns and no-one saw it coming. Perhaps they just weren't looking!
11 February 2013Book Review: The Summer Psychic
22 January 2013Book Review: The Practical Psychic
19 January 2013Intuitive Development Training now available!
11 December 2012We're more spiritual than ever. Perhaps our gifts should be as well!
5 November 2012It's time for your annual energy check-up!
20 September 2012Why more of us are looking for more from our lives!
28 August 2012Back to School with a Medical Intuitive Reading!
18 August 2012Is the Age of Intuition upon us?
5 August 2012How to connect with your Olympian within!
7 July 2012Water - the hidden depths of an intuitive tool!
18 March 2012If you need a second chance, March is here to give you one!
15 January 20122012 - the Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II, Boris Johnson, Barack Obama and you!
18 December 2011Never look back in anger (or sadness)!
12 December 20113 become 1: I've pruned my websites for new growth in 2012!
16 May 2011Live in the real world, not an electronic one!
16 March 2011Becoming your job can be quite a risky proposition!
17 February 2011Time to stop bashing bankers?
12 February 2011This Valentine's Day give yourself a Relationship Reading!
13 January 2013Book Review: Anatomy of the Spirit
13 January 2011What will it take to make you happy?
8 January 2011The jury's in: Psychic abilities are REAL!
6 January 2011Book Review: Theta Healing
5 January 20112011 is all about going forward CONSCIOUSLY!
19 December 2010WikiLeaks's Julian Assange - how a medical intuitive sees it!
7 November 2010Join me at the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference where I'll teach you to awaken the psychic within for health, wealth and happiness!
1 November 2010Don't just celebrate the departed - talk to them!
9 October 2010Don't let coming home undermine your holiday! - Alan's tips for getting back into the swing of things efficiently -
12 September 2010If only we would just try to connect the dots!
18 August 2010An answer is only as good as its question!
8 August 2010Spain — a tribal nation for better and for worse!
5 August 2010Is your happiness bullet-proof?
27 July 2010Farewell Psychic News!
19 July 2010Simplicity doesn't just happen!
24 June 2010Book Review: The Alchemist
23 May 2010Are you possessed? Or is someone stealing your energy? Let's consider other explanations first!
23 May 2010You're only as old as you FEEL!
16 May 2010Don't let your dreams just slip away!
2 May 2010Chase the blues away by spending five minutes outside!
14 March 2010Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!
10 March 2010Should we ban Ouija boards to save our children?
25 February 2010It's time to put a spring in your step!
12 January 2010Sometimes we simply have to get up, get out and do something for other people!
1 January 2010Ask Alan: Does Amanda have more baggage to release?
28 December 2009It's natural to look back and it's natural to look forward!
28 December 2009It's all in the preparation for successful New Year's resolutions!
25 October 2009Treat your psychic reading like any other commercial transaction!
25 October 2009Sometimes a "plate of calm" is just what we need!
22 October 2009Book Review: Molecules of Emotion
19 October 2009Book Review: The Biology of Belief
19 October 2009It's time to notice the miracles in our lives!
19 October 2009It's time to become more self-reliant!
18 October 2009Book Review: Mental Radio
12 October 2009How to become psychic is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1 October 2009Ask Alan: Debi gets my insights on her life direction!
16 August 2009Stress is different things to different people!
15 August 2009Clairvoyance — You have to see it!
27 July 2009Book Review: The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space Miracles and Belief
27 July 2009Does a parallel universe hold the key to your life?
27 July 2009There’s nothing to meditation. So stop making it difficult!
21 July 2009Book Review: Psychic Living: Tap Into Your Psychic Potential
20 July 2009Book Review: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
20 July 2009Messages from Michael Jackson? Not from me – not now and highly unlikely in the future!
20 July 2009Wasted time is gone forever!
13 July 2009Readings can be entertaining without being “for entertainment only”!
1 July 2009Ask Alan: Is there just more "blah" for Ingrid?
20 June 2009Genius Symbols - Connect with your very own genius!
5 June 2009Why don't we help ourselves more?
1 June 2009Ask Alan: Can there be a life lesson in a job loss?
27 April 2009If your dreams elude you, try identifying their source!
13 April 2009Don't let money woes eclipse your happiness!
6 April 2009What's standing in the way of you being happy? It's time to check in and find out!
6 April 2009Forced change may be just what we need!
1 April 2009Ask Alan: Could being laid off be a blessing in disguise?
2 February 2009Could we be setting ourselves up for another epidemic?
12 January 2009Why don't we know what to do?
12 January 2009Great new self-healing therapy! But must we have ANOTHER pill?
7 January 2009Book Review: The Pilgrimage
5 January 2009Let's learn the lesson, pick ourselves up and MOVE ON!
5 January 2009Present time is the key to everything!
23 December 2008Blind man sees with “sixth sense”!
22 December 2008Now is the time to look ahead to 2009!
16 December 2008Don't simply let your future happen!
15 December 2008Becoming spiritually responsible is not a part-time job!
14 December 2008Book Review: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
26 November 2008Book Review: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything
25 November 2008Book Review: Saint Francis of Assisi
17 November 2008Why do we seek to call ourselves anything but PSYCHIC?
3 November 2008The ultimate relationship advisor — your psychic!
3 November 2008The most stressful season of the year is here. How will you handle it?
1 November 2008Ask Alan: Drugs, gangs & Emily's son?
15 September 2008Should psychics make political predictions?
15 September 2008Politics and religion - strange bedfellows indeed!
1 September 2008From psychic scams to psychics being scammed!
1 September 2008If you want to change your life, start with your BELIEFS!
1 September 2008Ask Alan: Will Judi & Tom lose their house?
19 May 2008There's a new law of the land for psychics and mediums. But is it as bad as we are being led to believe?
6 May 2008Book Review: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Adventure
6 May 2008Book Review: The Afterlife Experiments
5 May 2008Book Review: Contacting the Spirit World
5 May 2008The reading must always be about the client, and never the psychic!
5 May 2008Each of us needs to do our bit. So, what I am doing? I've started a free Healing Clinic for those in need!
4 May 2008Book Review: The Relaxation Response
3 May 2008Book Review: Life Beyond 100
2 May 2008Book Review: Living in the Light
1 May 2008Book Review: The Magic of Believing
1 May 2008Ask Alan: Should Suzy stay? Or should Suzy go?
28 April 2008The psychic's prejudices and the reading!
28 April 2008Melanoma is more likely on the body's left-hand side. Doctors are stumped. I offer a possible explanation.
4 April 2008Book Review: The Psychic Paradigm
4 April 2008Book Review: The Field
4 April 2008Book Review: Psychic Archaeology
1 April 2008Ask Alan: Should Carlos marry or remain a bachelor?
17 March 2008Predictions should enable you to create the future YOU want!
17 March 2008What do you do to manage your energy?
14 March 2008Book Review: The Secrets of Psychic Success
12 March 2008Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
10 March 2008Is your clothing haunted?
10 March 2008Are you happy? If not now, when?
3 March 2008Can we be cursed by fate or doomed by destiny?
3 March 2008Why turn to antidepressants when you can do it yourself?
1 March 2008Ask Alan: The credit crunch has bitten Maggie's finances!
4 December 2007The madness of Christmas shopping is upon us. Make this year’s gift one that could change a life!
1 November 2007Book Review: The Law of Attraction
29 October 2007Psychics must take responsibility for what they say!
29 October 2007More scientific proof that how you feel can adversely affect your physical health!
15 October 2007Are psychics gifted at what they do? Or are they skilled at it?
15 October 2007Past success can hold you back just as past pain can!
8 October 2007It's not all up to the psychic. You have a role to play in a reading!
8 October 2007Have you arrived at your dark night of the soul?
1 October 2007How can you find a legitimate psychic with so many scams about?
1 October 2007How forgiving are you? Like it or not, it’s challenge you cannot ignore!
29 September 2007Book Review: Energy Medicine
29 September 2007Book Review: The Cosmic Ordering System
24 September 2007Our spirit guides and angels have so much to offer. All we have to do is ask!
24 September 2007The Law of Attraction always works - ALWAYS!
17 September 2007Past lives affect us more than we think!
17 September 2007Being active in your healing is worth the effort!
10 September 2007Relationship Readings — Not just for lovers!
10 September 2007Is intuition really just imagination?
3 September 2007Palmistry — It’s ancient and accurate, and it deserves more respect!
3 September 2007Is your life authentic and intentional? If not, it should be!
27 August 2007Giving a reading as a gift couldn't be easier. And it's organic, green and eco-friendly!
27 August 2007Why aren't the chances of surviving cancer better?
20 August 2007How many of you haven't booked a reading out of fear?
20 August 2007Too many believe cancer is down to fate!
1 August 2007Ask Alan: Carol's spirit is calling. Will she follow its lead?
23 July 2007Ethical Psychics — Worth Their Weight in Gold!
16 July 2007Remote Readings - As good as being there!
16 July 2007Where’s your energy going?
29 January 2007Don't roll over for the Winter Blues!
22 January 2007What role does the moon play in your life? More than you might think!
21 January 2007Book Review: Tricks of the Mind
8 January 2007Is being psychic enough to be a psychic?
8 January 2007Holistic means many things to many people!
1 January 2007Happy New Year! Take it easy with that resolution!
1 January 2007Ask Alan: Money — are you, simply giving it away?
31 December 2006Happy New Year!
18 December 2006The Spirit of Christmas can be with you any time of year!
18 December 2006Don’t let the Ghost of Christmas Past terrorise you!
4 December 2006Make peace with what you cannot change!
1 December 2006Ask Alan: Alma fears the boot, but I see a ring...
30 November 2006Book Review: Breath, Mind and Consciousness
29 November 2006Book Review: Insight through Intuition
27 November 2006If something's not working, then perhaps it's time to STOP!
26 November 2006Book Review: Kundalini Awakening
25 November 2006Book Review: Will Storr vs. The Supernatural
13 November 2006Make the world a better place — plant a tree!
13 November 2006All of us breathe. But how well do we do it?
1 November 2006Ask Alan: Winning the lottery — a dream come true?
23 October 2006Scientists make their cloak of invisibility and now you can make your own!
2 October 2006Supermarket Psychics – Perhaps a little too mainstream!
1 October 2006Ask Alan: Alan accepts a psychic challenge!
24 July 2006If silence is golden, then why don’t we enjoy it?
24 July 2006The power of saying you're sorry
17 July 2006Does opportunity only knock once?
17 July 2006If you’re not part of the solution, aren’t you part of the problem?
29 May 2006Psychic? Medium? It's all the same. Or is it?
29 May 2006The Chakra Series – Part VIII – The Seventh Chakra
22 May 2006The Chakra Series – Part VII – The Sixth Chakra
15 May 2006Dreams are too valuable to be forgotten!
15 May 2006The Chakra Series – Part VI – The Fifth Chakra
8 May 2006Are we better or worse off with high-tech psychics?
8 May 2006The Chakra Series – Part V – The Fourth Chakra
2 May 2006Book Review: Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
1 May 2006How can that pendulum tell us anything?
1 May 2006The Chakra Series – Part IV – The Third Chakra
1 May 2006Book Review: Life After Death — Living Proof
1 May 2006Ask Alan: Is it bad coincidences? Or bad karma?
27 April 2006Book Review: Second Sight
26 April 2006Book Review: Intuitive Healing
24 April 2006Have you fallen back into that rut?
24 April 2006The Chakra Series – Part III – The Second Chakra
17 April 2006When help presents itself, why don’t we take it?
17 April 2006The Chakra Series – Part II – The First Chakra
11 April 2006Book Review: Basic Psychic Development
11 April 2006Book Review: The Unbelievable Truth
10 April 2006Isn’t it time we all cleared our clutter?
10 April 2006The Chakra Series – Part I – The Sacred System
3 April 2006Ask and you will be shown the way!
3 April 2006Sick Building Syndrome: Stress strikes again!
1 April 2006Ask Alan: Can this single mother pick up where she left off?
27 March 2006Have YOUR reading YOUR way!
6 March 2006When is a ghost not a ghost?
1 March 2006Ask Alan: Bird Flu: Feathered friends or foes?
27 February 2006Spirit guide - or is it just a spirit?
20 February 2006Claims of communicating with dead celebrities must be substantiated!
13 February 2006Demystifying Soul Mates – Part II
6 February 2006Demystifying Soul Mates – Part I
1 February 2006Ask Alan: Can a LOVE TRIANGLE have a happy ending?
30 January 2006Psychics — the ultimate must-have!
7 November 2005Is this the path to acceptance or abuse?
20 October 2005What are you missing by not remembering your dreams?
3 October 2005Step aside Sun — Jupiter's in town!
1 October 2005Ask Alan: It's about much more than student loan debt!
15 August 2005Want proof? Then let me read for you!
26 July 2005Okay, you've had your reading — BIG DEAL!
26 July 2005Spirituality doesn't have to be complicated!
1 July 2005Ask Alan: Is Jeremy's new house HAUNTED?
20 June 2005Timing - Sometimes it's not up to the psychic.
20 June 2005Perhaps it really is you...
13 June 2005Can daydreaming really lead to your happy ending?
9 June 2005Isn't it time you faced your demons?
6 June 2005Can psychics see into their own future?
1 June 2005Ask Alan: Why can't Vivian lose weight?
30 May 2005What would you ask?
7 February 2005Some things are better left to the professionals!
1 February 2005Ask Alan: Moving in: Is it one step too far for Joanne?
2 September 2004Readings - Is that all there is?
1 September 2004Ask Alan: Should Caroline take the property plunge or continue renting?
25 August 2004Can we become addicted to psychics?
18 August 2004When did going to a psychic become chic?
9 August 2004Why do we go to psychics?
1 June 2004Ask Alan: Gina's job is stressing her out!
31 May 2004Will you ever find time for yourself?
24 May 2004Are you preparing or are you worrying?
29 March 2004Is your spirit trying to tell you something?
22 March 2004When is it going to get better?
1 February 2004Ask Alan: What does Cupid have in store for Dawn?

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What an interesting year 2017 will be!

What a surprising - and to some even shocking - year 2016 turned out to be. Perhaps most significantly, it was the year the British people chose Brexit and the year the American people elected Trump. These were two outcomes precious few saw coming. Pundits, pollsters and even psychics told us that it wouldn't happen - that it couldn't happen. Yet, in the end, it did happen... Continue reading »

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Happy 2017! It's finally here - we're underway. And whether the new White House occupant was your candidate or whether last year's UK referendum went the way you wanted, what I'm hearing from my clients is a real commitment to turning the page and to making this new year one of change - of doing things differently - of creating better realities for themselves... Continue reading »

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