Sunday 17 December 2017

Dawn has an Email Reading to ask about LOVE.
What does Cupid have in store for her?

February 2004


I have not had a date for over 5 years. When my friends ask why I don't have a boyfriend, I say that I have yet to find "Mr. Right". But the cold truth is that no-one has asked me out. I would be very grateful for any insights you can offer. Is romance coming my way? And if so, when?


Dear Dawn, How timely your email question is. Perhaps it is simply due to Valentine's Day or perhaps it is that Spring is just around the corner, but love is now most definitely on our minds.

I am starting out with a bit of tough love with you because I sense that you have been and still are your own worst enemy when it comes to love. By this I mean that you seem to want love to come knocking and yet you would gladly not answer the door. Your energy feels like that of someone who works long hours on a regular basis. And despite outward appearances, quite a bit of this is self-imposed. You have clearly sacrificed your personal life for your profession.

Your job feels to me that it could be technical or scientific. You enjoy that which is logical and that which can be explained. Unfortunately, people together with their feelings and actions cannot be neatly categorised into discreet boxes. At some point, we must take a risk.

It's this risk you are fearing. You're in a very self-protective cycle and you are hiding behind work out of a fear of loving again - and possibly getting hurt again. I sense that you are still healing from a sudden and quite unexpected end of a relationship. It was very intense - albeit not that long in duration - and it affected you quite deeply, leaving you very raw and vulnerable. It's as if you swore, "Never again".

BUT this is the month for LOVE and everything associated with affairs of the heart. Consequently, you will be offered an opportunity to hang up those black dresses and come out of mourning the past into the bright, new morning of the present and the NOW.

So how is this accomplished? First, understand that radical change of any part of your life is possible. But equally appreciate that lasting change is most often achieved in what I call "baby steps" - even though the steps may occur in rapid succession. It's best to achieve dramatic transformation incrementally.

Part of you still wants to dedicate your entire life to work. So to create the space for love, you will have to open your eyes to an opportunity you will be given in the first two weeks of February to meet and interact with work colleagues - although outside of work. I sense that you have such opportunities often but you rarely avail yourself of them because they are not ALL about work. You must embrace this social element.

Use this first event to find your "social feet" because in the second half of the month, there will be another event that will take you to an unfamiliar venue. Here you will meet a man who is younger than you in years but your equal in maturity. You share the same general area of work. And this will provide a lovely segue to the discovery of other common interests.

The letter "E" is connected to him. His nationality and culture is different from yours, which intrigues you. You will have lots of questions for him - which he will adore.

By the beginning of March, you will go out on your first official "date" with him.

Your challenge will be to allow yourself to open up and take a chance with him. My Sources tell me he's worth it! If you allow it, this relationship will usher in some peak experiences into your life.

Just remember, however, that the very first step will have to be taken by you!


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