Sunday 17 December 2017


“Alan Bridges is that rare breed of psychic whose reading will change your life. His reading for me remains with me to this day; his integrity and astounding insight have made me a fan. I urge you to take advantage of Alan’s extraordinary accuracy, compassion and healing.”

Madalyn Aslan, Who's Who 2004
Best-selling Author of Madalyn Aslan's Jupiter Signs

“Alan is extremely talented in his field and he has a true gift. I was blown away by his uncanny accuracy into my situation. Furthermore, I acted upon the advice offered and the outcomes so far have been fantastic. He has given me the strength and courage to face my situation head on. I need a pocket-sized Alan to have with me at all times!” JD

“A reading from Alan becomes a pure Gift to the soul who receives. He accurately delivers a masterful tune-in, a tapestry of Intuition, which assists the seeker with Truth-filled Guidance. For anyone who desires a fresh perspective from Spirit, Alan's gifts are sure to elevate and inspire the further Journey. I remain most grateful for his channellings, which proved invaluable and life-changing during a major transition. With rejoicing heart, I recommend him with utmost regard. Grace shall touch your life in an extraordinary way.” TX

“Many, many thanks for the Medical Intuitive Reading. Wow - what a lot of information! It will take me some time to digest this properly but on first reading it this evening I am absolutely amazed at how you have hit the nail on the head about so many things. It is a strange feeling to realise that someone whom you have never met seems to know and understand you at a very deep level - and your own caring compassion, sincerity and gentleness shines out from the report which makes it very special indeed; it is like being touched by an angel. What you came up with relating to the chakras was so spot on it took my breath away... Huge, massive thanks, once again - this is so much more than I was ever expecting!” RD

“I feel that you are one of those few intuitive mentors who really knows what they are talking about, being able to give clients accurate guidance in alignment with their highest truth and for that I'm truly grateful for your help. I feel that I’m about to embark on another phase of my journey and it would be awesome to have your guidance once again.” DR

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful you are! It took me a few days to read (and re-read) my Medical Intuitive Reading. Needless to say, I am blown away! You totally captured the true essence of the inner ME! Everything you sensed about me was absolutely spot on! I feel so much more aware of what is inside of me. I find you amazing! Thank you again and I hope to have you read for me again.” RM

“You were spot on regarding me in my reading. I was indeed both crestfallen, disappointed and felt useless and lonely. I had lost my spark. I couldn’t seem to make a living and I didn’t have a love in my life that I dreamt of and wished for, I was even pretty sure “the one” was something I had to do without this lifetime. Sad but true. To make a long story short, you told me I would meet someone, and I did. About 3 weeks after I got your reading. Love was the last thing on my mind …but there he was, and we have been together since then and I am so grateful for having him in my life. Thank you for your guidance!” YB

“That was spot on - really! I completely recognise myself and my situation in how you described it to me. I am immensely grateful for our session. It was very insightful - both practically and spiritually. I'm actually speechless!” JM

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful and inspiring my latest reading has been. They keep me on my toes, energetically, as I keep seeing these truths manifesting in my life and truly help me understand something that does not make sense in the usual way. Its also interesting to notice that aspects of the older readings come up to deepen the understanding. So thank you very much and I am sure I will be prompted to contact you again.” MT

“I can see how much work you put into my reading. I am thrilled with it all and very grateful. I am aware that you have to be honest of course and I was not expecting instant miracles but somehow you have showed me the way to the miracle if I just look around and do some homework. I certainly will. It all made sense, in fact more than you realise and its such a help to know how to behave and what to do in the different parts of the year coming up. And what to avoid. My reading really made my little heart sing! You do have the ability to get to the heart of the matter and I love that. Spot on as always and ever helpful and kind. Please don’t retire!” JF

“Alan, thanks for another great reading! Your insights are helping me to get clarity on the intuitive guidance I have been receiving on my own, but at times not quit trusting them or my ability to follow through. I appreciate your help.” LR

“Thank you for the reading. It's been very thought-provoking and very helpful!” NA

“My Year Ahead Reading, at every level, is SPLENDID! Not only did I absorb and enjoy every line, but I was prompted to go deeper in my soul to realize what is truly happening as I move on. You write with such excellence, Alan. It's always an intense pleasure for me to receive a personal, accurate narrative so fully inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have helped me see my way forward again in a remarkable way! I say, you have impassioned me with intensified, clear-field vision. I understand so much more of the deeper reasons my soul is making its choices at this time. Your beautiful talents have touched me.” TX

“Thank you for the reading! Your gift amazes me and I am grateful for your words. Thank you again, I truly appreciate your time and talent.” RB

“You're awesome and great help in my life! Thank you again for your great readings!” NC

“Once again you've been able to articulate what feels all jumbled up for me right now So much hit on point. Wow and Ah-Ha!” BV

“Thank you, Alan! You were so right on with all of your comments. Very impressive. It’s interesting how, with each answered questions, new questions consequently arise. It’s like you are so good that other unanswered questions want to come forward. You create such a safe space!” EC

“Thank you very much for my Relationship Reading. It was remarkably accurate, in a way so accurate that it was a bit disconcerting. I would like to order you Year Ahead Reading again, so I will order it soon. Thank you once again.” SB

“You are very very good! I often take a look at the yearly reading for a month when stuff is difficult and you are so spot on its freaky. How do you do it? Yes I know its your intuition but its more than that surely. And your other readings too. A lot of it made more sense later on and boy did it make sense. And I like the fact you don’t beat around the bush either. You are honest in what you see. Looking forward to hearing from you again.” JF

“Thank you very much for the reading. It is very accurate, interesting and has reassured me. It is so spot on in so many ways. It has really made things clearer for me and I will re-read this like the other readings you have done for me as there is so much information and I will use them to help myself.” HK

“Thank you so much for my reading. This is super helpful and you have described it all to the T. Thank you for serving this world with your gift. Lots of love and light your way.” VP

“Your readings have been a source of great comfort to me. Thank you!” CH

“I am very excited to get my second reading from you. The first time I contacted you was in September, and I thought you should know that one of your predictions really did come to pass!” GS

“I truly appreciate to have you as a guide. Thank you so very much for the Year Ahead Reading! You did an excellent job, and I appreciate it immensely! I have read it several times already and it confirms feelings/hunches I have had myself. Finally I am getting my own internal engine to speed up. I have been in a stale mood for too long and I am really looking forward to this new beginning in life.” YB

“Your insight has been extremely valuable, has enabled us to look at things in a new way and has given us plenty to talk about. I'll be in touch for another reading soon.” ER

“Thank you for my Medical Intuitive Reading. How you perceived my condition was exactly as the doctors described it. I completely related with how you saw me in terms of my career as well as my spiritual path. I have already begun working on the recommendations you made. Receiving this reading was a wonderful experience. Thank you again.” VC

“Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for the insightful and compassionate reading. It is very helpful and in a sense, what I intuitively felt. I will definitely be sitting with this reading for a while, integrating and understanding. The reading moved my heart. Everything is crystal clear. Absolutely amazing. What a precious gift you have!” DH

“I want to thank you again for the Medical Intuitive Reading you provided a few months ago. Your impression of what was at the root of my health issues was 100% correct, and since following up on what you sensed, my health has improved tremendously. Thank you again.” LS

“I am delighted and thrilled at your insightful reading and it has helped me enormously! It has answered many questions, given me much needed advice and guidance and it flowed really well. I feel that by having these timely insights, I am ahead of the game so to speak and am in control and not in such a vulnerable position as before. As I read and reread your reading, I felt my strength coming back and my mind able to focus and plan again. You picked up the salient points so well and what you said resonated with me on a deeper level. I so appreciate all the most useful information you gave and there was no waffling, just good intuitive insights. No wonder you are such a brilliant teacher! I wish you a joyous and happy new year! Mine will be even better now that I have such a helpful reading.” JF

“I have to say my reading is really helpful and has opened my eyes to a lot of things and has definitely made my decision an easier one. Your insight into where I am in my career is fascinating and I feel that you grasp a lot of issues that are currently buzzing through my head. So thanks again, I'd love to contact you again one day for another reading.” DR

“What an awesome reading! For the first time in my life I am not afraid. I feel very energised by it. This is the first time I have had this reaction from a reading.” MO

“I read your impressions with a great feeling of joy. I have been taking your guidance. The impression you had of me really does speak to me. Thank you for being excellent and for such an insightful reading that I find truly inspiring. I am quite often amazed and thankful for your kindness, compassion, enthusiasm and experienced outlook.” ZS

“I am well impressed by your Medical Intuitive Reading, and I have to say I am very excited about our follow-up phone call. Your intuitions were so spot on, and of course once I tell you few of the circumstances it will all make sense to you. I am very grateful for having found you. No coincidence. Thank you very much!” CF

“Thank you so much, Alan! I was quite overwhelmed by your reading, the accuracy, and your valuable insights gave me the reassurance I needed. I look forward to communicating with you again in the future.” EG

“I absolutely love what you have said in this reading and I am extremely grateful for it! I know that it will prove to be a wonderful gift to me as I begin 2014 anew. Thank you!” JD

“I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me. I appreciate your thoughts very much, as I'm not sure they are insights that ever would have come to me on my own. I also really appreciated your delivery - you were completely non-judgemental, which helped very much. Thank you!” KG

“Wow! Thank you! You are amazing! My Year Ahead Reading was very healing. Thank you again!” EW

“You did a Medical Intuitive Reading and a Life Reading some time ago for me - and boy how my life has blossomed since then! I realise from time to time how your predictions and suggestions for me have manifested. So thank you once again and I hope our paths cross on our quests!” CH

“Many thanks Alan! This Year Ahead Reading is great. I look forward to reading it several times through the coming year and learning a lot from it.” MW

“What you have said in my reading is really valuable and I am delighted to have it. Thank you!” VW

“Thank you very much for your Past Life Reading! It was very interesting and it explains everything!” GP

“Thank you for my Medical Intuitive Reading. There was so much in it that I knew was right and was happening to me. You’ve given me so many tips and techniques. I’m finally excited about what will happen next in my future.” BZ

“Thank you very much for your excellent reading. Intuitively I feel the reading is spot-on. Thank you! RR

“I have been wanting to tell you how right on your reading was for me and to thank you for what you do!” AM

“Thank you! The reading took my breath away! I will be back for a Career Reading for sure.” LW

“Thank you for the reading. Your "gift" is remarkable and I understood the reading completely. I would say it was extremely accurate as to how I feel and how I see my life. Thank you again.” AW

“You're incredibly amazing! So far every thing you have told me is true! All I can say is wow!” NC

“I loved my last reading with you! Spot on as usual!” MT

“I am already looking forward to my next reading with you. The last reading I had with you was very helpful. You were correct about everything. Looking back I found your reading to be pretty amazing.” LC

“Thank you so much for an amazing reading! You were spot on with everything you said I am already beginning to feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I appreciate the fact that you were to the point, but also very thorough in your reading. I’m so glad that the reading was recorded because I believe it will be beneficial now, and in the future. You were wonderful, and I will definitely be contacting you for more readings in the future.” LH

“Thank you so much for your valuable and insightful reading. Again I am impressed by how well you connect with me, without our ever having met or had any contact other than via email and my birth date. This particular reading has struck a chord because your insights give me the confidence to do what I need to do by following my own instincts. Again, your insightful comments provide great incentive and support, and I thank you very much.” MM

“I am a huge fan of you and your work! I have and shall keep recommending you. I would love to have another reading done. Thank you so much for your time.” ZS

“Thank you for your amazing ability as a psychic and life guide. It truly feels like a blessing to know that you are available to give insights and guiding in life when needed!” YB

“Your readings have been a source of great comfort. Thank you!” CH

“Thank you very much for your Life Reading! It was very helpful and resonates with me. It definitely gave me more confidence amidst all the different thoughts and emotion in me - that you picked up on!” SH

“I had you do a Child's Life Reading for our daughter, and we thought it was absolutely amazing! Now I'm here for one for our son...” LM

“As usual, you are incredibly perceptive and honest in your approach to the needs of your clients!” SL

“I feel very grateful for this help that I’m getting from your reading!” HR

“Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. You’re absolutely right about what you have sensed. I will absolutely turn to you again for readings and share your name with others. It was a wonderful experience and just what I needed today. I can’t thank you enough. You made my day.” LS

“Thank you so much for this reading. I forwarded it to a friend of mine she was shocked. She was saying oh my god that is really you that he’s talking about! Thank you again.” NC

“Thank you for my Email Reading. Once again you are very clear and accurate!” SL

“Thank you for your excellent reading. I have read it many times over by now and I really feel that it resonates with me. It’s all truth and I will most certainly try to get going, acting on your many pieces of advice. I can only say again that my readings with you have been helpful, and have given me new hope. How blessed you are to have this skilled gifts (or is it gifted skills? ) and to be able to do this work for humanity.” NS

“Thank you very much for the reading and your insights. These are very interesting images and they give me a lot to ponder, but also encouragement that I am on the right path and need to keep on moving forward.” KV

“Many thanks for this Email Reading, which I have found most helpful and to the point, and yes, valuable, as well as reassuring.” RR

“Just a thank you for the Year Ahead Reading that I got from you. Looking ahead for the next few months, I can see how things may just be lining up with what you've written. It seems like it's going to be an interesting year. Thank you!” ME

“You always have such amazing insights!” CM

“I did really enjoy our lesson and feel the tools you gave me were perfect for me. So, thanks very much for that.” RC

“Thanks Alan. I really enjoyed our intuitive development session. You’re a great teacher.” WT

“I want to take the time to tell you that your reading is right on about what is going on in my life right now. Thanks so much for the information. It just reinforces that I am moving in the right direction. Thanks for taking the time to do my reading. You’ve given me a lot of valuable information.” JS

“I am very grateful for your reading as it confirms my feelings in many aspects. I appreciate that you have used a very clear, straightforward language, describing sensations as well as pictures without any positive or negative judgements attached. This makes your reading very authentic. And, in addition, you haven given me precious new insights I had been looking for.” JE

“The last Year Ahead Reading has been great guidance - accurate and, I've just purchased another Year Ahead Reading.” MT

“I have to tell you that I have started on the Life Reading you made for me, and wow, this is very exciting and everything that you write is exactly how I feel, think and behave. I have to read it many times so I don't overlook anything. Thank you again for all the help and insight you are giving me.” EK

“Thank you! Your readings are always so insightful and so valuable.” JT

“Thank you so much for this, so much of what you have written has resonated with me and has removed some of the fog. I will be booking another reading with you. Heartfelt gratitude for your assistance to date!” CH

“I just wanted to write a brief note of thanks and gratitude for my most amazing Year Ahead Reading. You really are a bit of a genius in your field and I am so pleased that fate brought me to you. You are the best and I have looked around a bit I can tell you! My Year Ahead Reading already makes so much sense to me. I feel that you got right in there and was talking to parts of my soul. It resonated completely with me and on top of that it was so positive and that is so important as it gives hope for the future and gives just the right warnings to avoid going down the wrong path.” JF

“Thank you so much for your reading. I found it very insightful. Thank you again for your reading and thank you for sharing your time and talent with the rest of us!” DN

“You are very good I must say. I am watching as it all unfolds as you predict. Your reading is helpful and uplifting and kind. Thank you!” JF

“I want to thank you for the lovely reading on my birthday and for your generosity. The reading was insightful and warm as always, your work has given me great reassurance and an understanding of how I should navigate the days ahead. Your compassion shines through and I really appreciate that it was done with love. I'm sure we will be in touch for another reading soon, I wish you all the best. Thank you, once again!” CH

“Thank you for your masterful Medical Intuitive Reading. I have read it so many times and feel that it will help get me back on track and give me the focus I need. Seriously, I thank you for your work!” DM

“I can’t thank you enough for the readings you have done for me. I have been taking in the contents of my Medical Intuitive Reading over the last week and still am on a daily basis. I also put into immediate action the recommendations you gave me and they are already helping. The blockages you sensed in my energy correspond to difficulties I have been having emotionally and mentally. What you sensed is very true and you pinpointed my main blockage... With your reading I feel like my energy is finally being allowed to flow freely and my body is saying ‘WOW! At last!’ I needed guidance and you gave it so wonderfully. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” CH

“Thank you so much again for my reading. I am already creating a new life for myself rather quickly actually based on your reading. Your reading was invaluable in that process.” SJ

“Thank you so much for your reading. I have gone over it many times and I am amazed at how appropriate your insights and comments about my situation have been. You’ve shared a very valuable perspective with me and I’ll continue to reflect upon it!” CR

“Thank you for your reading. I did find your insights most valuable and will definitely be in touch in the future.” MP

“This is to say thank you for your accurate and so helpful reading. It took me so long to answer because I wanted to report a long lasting impact rather than giving an enthusiastic but premature quick thank you. Indeed your input helped me to look at things from a different angle permanently now and your reading gave me the strength not to accept old patterns as given.” TE

“Your insights in my recent reading were so prescient! You truly helped me overcome fear and blast away the little excuses and distractions that were keeping me stuck.” CP

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I resonated with your comments, and I’m amazed at how accurate your reading was. If i need further advice in the future, I will definitely contact you. And if I come across anybody seeking guidance, I will confidently recommend you.” PM

“The reading you just did for me most certainly did speak to me and will most definitely help me! Thank you so much.” JC

“Thank you very much for my readings. You got the way I feel perfectly! I will come back for my Year Ahead Reading very soon.” JT

“Thank you for the reading. There was so much truth in it. It’s really got me thinking a lot!” LZ

“The reading you did for me felt so true and to the point. It was exactly what I needed. Now I can start moving forward with heart and soul. Thanks again for your guidance and help.” MB

“I received a reading from you yesterday and it was fantastic. Thank you! I am now just thinking about which reading I’ll have next...” AH

“Thank you for the reading. There’s so much to it. You have captured my essence very well. I very much appreciate the validation, and the encouragement. Thank you again for your insights.” MM

“What you said in my Relationship Reading is absolutely spot-on!” EG

“Wow, you were so accurate in what you said in my reading! I really appreciate it!” HS

“Everything you said in the reading was spot on and you gave me answers... I have told all my friends about my reading and they have all been amazed at how accurate you were. I will definitely be in contact again for another reading.” AT

“I am very excited to get my second reading from you. You should know that one of your predictions really did come to pass!” GS

“Thank you for the reading. It was very accurate and I look forward to having another reading very soon.” IS

“I received a reading from you and it was really so impressing. I am very convinced it helped me a lot then to progress significantly and to cope successfully and permanently with a then unpleasant situation.” TE

“I found your reading contained much truth for me, and your advice definitely made sense to me. What you said rings true! Thank you.” NW

“Many thanks for my reading. You are spot on! Now I’m ready to move forward...” RB

“Thank you so much! This reading (and all the previous ones) has been very helpful. I am still amazed that you are able to see the situation so clearly. Thanks again for always being there for me.” SL

“Thank you for your Medical Intuitive Reading. It has helped me quite a bit but also has had some surprising positive aspects which I would never have expected!” MD

“Thank you so much for your readings, they really speak to me. Even when dealing hard truths, yours is a kind, understanding and non-judgemental voice. Most importantly, you just seem to get it.” CH

“Thank you for your previous reading. I found it amazing and very helpful. Now I’m back because I would like a relationship reading!” MK

“I just read my Medical Intuitive Reading and am blown away by your detailed, warm and accurate reading. Many, many thanks for sharing your gift.” AS

“Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful reading. It was very spot on, and I came away from the reading with a new perspective, ideas, and hope. I can tell that you put much time and care into your readings. I really appreciate it. I will definitely use your services again. Again, thank you so much.” SL

“Thank you for the information in my reading. It felt true and accurate.” SN

“I have to say that my Medical Intuitive Reading was very accurate. You were spot on with what you say. But more than that, what you told me was very helpful.” KR

“Thank you for the reading. It helped a lot. I’ll be making another appointment soon!” JY

“Thank you for your reading. You were accurate about X and our situation... Many thanks for the peace of mind!” JC

“Thank you for the Year Ahead Reading. What you said is correct and I am sure that I’ll be consulting you again!” MG

“Thank you very much! You opened my eyes on some very important things.” SL

“Your Medical Intuitive Reading and Past Life Readings have been helpful in giving me better understanding of my current situation. I’ve started seeing improvements.” ML

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading. I imagine I will re-read over and over again. It has already been quite helpful and given me a lot of insight! I will definitely use your services again!” RD

“You are clearly very talented. My Medical Intuitive Reading was very accurate about what’s going on. I’ve been to other intuitives, but it was you who really tuned in to what was going on with me!” AS

“Thank you again for the reading. It gave me wonderful insight and a lot to think about.” BS

“Some time ago you did a Weight Issues Reading for me. I found it really helpful as it helped get my focus back on track.” AH

“Again, many thanks for your brilliant information.” AS

“You are great! The readings you have done for me are accurate and I am happy to refer to my friends!” SF

“There was so much in my Medical Intuitive Reading for me to digest. Now that I have, I can say that you hit the nail on the head!” RC

“My Medical Intuitive Reading was very, very accurate. I was really amazed as you spot on with 99% of everything you said. You are doing a very good job with your work!” ML

“I don’t know how you do what you do, but my reading was so spot on! It made so much sense. In fact, you answered my questions before I could even ask them. I’ll definitely be consulting you again!” MF

“Thank you very much for the reading. It has helped immensely. Thank you!” JY

“My Medical Intuitive Reading was very insightful and all that you said about my physical body was spot on! Your advice was very practical and applicable to me. Thank you.” RW

“Thank you for your reading. It’s most reassuring and encouraging.” VR

“Thanks for a brilliant reading!” EM

“You are the only psychic I consult, and for good reason!” MH

“What you said would happen in my reading has just happened!” TM

“What you told me in my Relationship Reading validated what I had suspected about X. But you also added some insights that I never knew. I can now get on with my life. Thank you again.” DU

“Thank you again for the reading. It was very insightful and you gave me a lot of good, concrete advice.” NM

“Thank you so much for your very insightful and kind reading. You were definitely spot on with so many things you said.” ML

“I found my Medical Intuitive Reading hugely insightful and very helpful. It got me thinking of things in a wholly new way. I’m so glad that I got it. Thank you!” MY

“Thank you for my Medical Intuitive Reading. It’s full of very interesting and useful information!” HG

“Thank you again for my Medical Intuitive Reading. It served to confirm a lot of what I thought and have been told by doctors was true!” LM

“You were amazingly accurate and you covered all the areas that I needed covering in just the right way that I needed them covering in my Medical Intuitive Reading.” RC

“Thank you for your candid and true guidance!” RM

“What a great value the reading is with all that it has in it!” QS

“Thank you for the readings with all the insights into the lives of my children!” LM

“You were spot on about the move you told me about in my reading!” KG

“Thank you very much for your perceptive and soothing reading. I feel much calmer now. What you suggested is what I felt I should be doing and your reading has backed up my intuition! I know I will be in touch before long for another reading so until then thank you again!” MF

“I so appreciate this reading, and every reading you’ve given me. The insight is so very helpful.” LP

“I must say that you are incredible! I found out today that you were right about X when I thought that it couldn’t possibly be true. I have so much faith in your abilities.” KG

“Thank you very much for the reading. As I read it, I was like ‘how does he know that’. I think you have captured many parts of the relationship and my life so correctly!” RM

“Just to say a huge warm thank you for your reading. I hadn’t previously associated some of my weight issues with what you say but it ALL makes perfect sense - as I wait for the new to kick in, my body is weighting! So I am now in the midst of lots of changes in this period of transition.” AH

“Thank you again for my Medical Intuitive Reading. Your insights were absolutely amazing!” RD

“I’ve just finished reading the report for the second time and I am in amazement. You were extremely accurate! I’ve found your chakras analysis particularly helpful.” ML

“I cannot tell you how amazing your Medical Intuitive Reading was. It was more than just accurate - it was incredibly helpful. And when you read for my husband, he was blown away by how spot on you were. It has really turned our lives around! I have recommended you to my friends!” NH

“Thanks for my fear and phobia reading - that’s fantastic information!” WT

“You were so accurate (not that this is going to surprise you but I thought you’d still like to know). With your assistance, I believe I finally ‘got it’, spiritually speaking. Amazing!” DT

“Thank you for the recording of the reading. Being able to listen to it again helps a lot. I am so pleased with my reading. Thank you again.” KG

“Everything that you said in my Medical Intuitive Reading was right on both with what happened to me physically as well as emotionally - and what’s been going on in my life. It all resonated with me because it was true on every level.” RH

“I was very impressed with the reading you did for me!” MK

“Thank you so much for my reading. You’ve been so right and so helpful! I especially liked the reading’s practical nature as it was not, dare I say it, ‘airy fairy’.” NS

“My Medical Intuitive Reading felt scarily accurate and that your reading describes me so well that I cannot believe you did it all without ever having met me. Strange. I am very excited to have this reading as I do have work to do on myself and it’s great to now be able to work with my energies. It makes more sense to me having had this reading.” CM

“The tools and energy that I’m learning in our coaching sessions are really kicking things into gear.” MT

“Thank you so much for the reading today. It was great to get insights together with an action plan!” LH

“I was very impressed with the accuracy of your reading as the stuff you indicated has all happened. Spooky!” NJ

“You NAILED this one on the head! I still cannot believe how spot on this reading was!” TT

“I wanted to let you know that the reading was accurate and it will help me out on things in my life.” NS

“Thank you so much for your reading. It was perfectly timed, and gosh did I need the message and encouragement. It only took me hearing your words to literally go ‘into a different gear’. So, thank you for that.” LS

“Thank you for an excellent relationship reading. You pinpointed so much!” MAR

“I appreciate that you didn’t tell me what you thought I wanted to hear. You kept it real. You told me about obstacles I would have to overcome but also ways to overcome them. I’m very grateful for you and the services you provide.” KT

“Thank you so much for my reading. It was so accurate and very encouraging. You have restored my faith in psychics and your intuitive ability is amazing! Thank you so much.” LS

“Your readings were right on, and your sensitivity and compassion come across as the real thing!” LP

“Your reading was definitely a ‘snap shot’ of my thoughts and emotions of the last couple of months. It was a much-appreciated confirmation of where I’m at. I look forward to having another reading with you in the future.” BW

“I was very impressed with my Medical Intuitive Reading. So much in my intuitive reading was quite spot on. I understood it immediately because as I read it I thought, ‘Yes, this is me!’” MT

“Thank you so much for my Medical Intuitive Reading. It was so very helpful. I was delighted with how much information it contained. I look forward to using this information for better physical, emotional, and spiritual health.” JS

“You were spot on with a LOT of what’s going in my life, especially regarding my career... That was seriously weird...even my other half thought so - and he’s a real sceptic. I read my reading to him, and he was freaked out by your accuracy. I’m very impressed!” CJ

“Thank you for the reading. I found it very interesting. Your descriptions and impressions were correct and your advice helpful. Once again thank you. I will be a returning customer.” MP

“The things you told me are true!” YS

“You did a reading for me quite a while ago. At the time I thought that it was simply not likely or even possible for things to turn out as you predicted. But here we are and it’s all come to pass as you said. Thank you for your reading and advice. I needed to hear it. I can now see my life from a whole new perspective!” JR

“My medical intuitive reading was very insightful and has been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I feel that you certainly connected with my energy!” LS

“Your reading was more than just very helpful. It saved me from a most terrible and dark place. Thank you so much! Your gift and the way you are able to use it is amazing.” SL

“Thank you for being authentic!” AA

“Your reading was EXCELLENT! What you said is exactly how it is! Thank you!” RD

“I’ve been re-reading your Medical Intuitive Reading - I’ve recommended you to half a dozen people - and each time I read it, a few more things start to slot into place. Reading it is like having one of those light-bulb moments.” RJ

“I want to thank you for your insight. What you saw is what’s happening in terms of my body as well as my relationships!” AC

“My life has really turned around since my healing session with you! What I see in the mirror is so wonderful! My reactions to situations are so much better than in the past and I stay so much calmer. My relationship that suffered from my anxiety is getting back on track and he notices the calmness in me also. It’s been an unbelievable experience. Again thank you and I hope you are doing well in your endeavour to help people like myself. I can never say it enough, thank you!” SW

“My Medical Intuitive Reading was absolutely brilliant!” AH

“Out of all the psychics I’ve been to, your reading was the most spot on. You are truly gifted!” LN

“I had a reading from you last year. It was very accurate and I appreciated the candid voice with which you spoke. It helped guide me through some very difficult times.” SC

“My reading with you has been a truly awesome and incredibly positive experience!” JD

“You didn’t just come close - you hit the nail on the head with your reading!” CJ

“My Medical Intuitive Reading was truly amazing! Your report has been so helpful!” RJ

“Everything you say in my reading is exactly what is happening!” VK

“I’m still in shock at how completely accurate your reading was! Thank you very much!” JC

“My first reading was so great that I still reread it. Thank you. Now I’m back for another!” NW

“Mr. Bridges, thank you for the wonderful reading! It is always a pleasure talking with you and I look forward to having you read for me again someday. Thanks again for all that you do. You are such a blessing to people everywhere. Thank for sharing your gift with us all! ” JT

“I was very amazed by your insights. You are right. The fact that you mentioned X simply amazed me, but more than that I now have hope!” SN

“All your predictions from last time were accurate and did come true. You are the best at what you do.” IL

“I am very pleased with my Medical Intuitive Reading. It has given me a lot to think about. And I am gradually beginning to put your advice into practice. I am very grateful to you.” TW

“Thank you, Alan, your reading was very helpful and spot on as always!” VR

“Thank you for my past life reading. It was very interesting and valuable.” FC

“I just received the CD with your reading. Thank you for sending it! I am listening to this CD again and again and everything you said is true and very accurate...” LI

“My reading was wonderful and accurate and has made me think. Thank you!” JC

“You have read things amazing accurately and I’m extremely impressed!” KS

“I received the CD of my reading and have listened to it a few times already. It is amazing how accurate everything you said is. Thank you for helping me to make sense of it all. It means a lot!” JC

“Thank you again. Your honesty and the truth was exactly what I have been looking for. Your gift is greatly appreciated.” LM

“The information you gave was what I needed to hear so my life can get out of this very stuck place.” SV

“I’m amazed! You nailed this reading. So many details are dead on! Thank you for sharing your gift.” LK

“Unbelievable! Your reading was so spot on! Thank you so much. It really was amazing - and so incredibly helpful!” DC

“You were right - it was simple and it was the truth! Thank you so much!” ML

“It’s a year since I had my Medical Intuitive Reading with you. And your reading is still helping me and plays a major role in my recovery. It helped so much to see myself laid bare. Armed with what you told me, I feel as though I was given a second chance. It truly was an invaluable and life-changing experience!” KH

“Thank you for the reading. I loved it and it was spot on. I will definitely be getting another reading from you in the future.” SM

“Thanks Alan. Your reading was very intuitive and hit many nails on the head. What you said really cleared my heart and my thinking! Thank you!!!” LE

“I’m astonished at how accurate my reading was! I totally related to the information you gave me.” RK

“What you said was true, genuine and authentic. It was so refreshing to have it delivered straight and not like some sugar-coated thing. It was helpful and healing.” WY

“Thank you very much for my reading. You summed up my situation to a ‘T’. I shall take your advice. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing your gift!” BP

“I still can’t believe how incredibly detailed and profoundly accurate my Medical Intuitive Reading was. You hit the nail on the head so many times when describing my emotional state as well as physical conditions. Thank you for your help and healing!” EP

“Thank you very much for my reading - it was so much more than I expected!” CP

“Thank you for a very accurate and profound reading. You are very gifted!” IL

“Through sharing your gift you’ve given me a gift!” JH

“Many thanks for reading for me. I was shocked and it brought tears to my eyes because you definitely saw what is going on in my life... Thank you so much again! Now I need to be strong enough to take your advice.” EH

“Thank you for your reading. It does touch the soft spot. Again, thank you so much for your insights. It has helped me put things in perspective!” DN

“Your reading has provided me with a great deal of insight and has helped me to view my life in a very different way.” JH

“Thank you so much for a such an insightful reading!” MM

“Initially, I hesitated to purchase this reading. I was afraid it was going to be so general that anything could be read into it. Not the case! I cannot believe the accuracy of some of the things you mention in this reading. Thank you for the insight.” BD

“Thank you so much! My reading was great!” DA

“That was a most interesting reading! Now I understand. Your reading has finally shed some light on this perpetual problem of mine.” VR

“Once again, your reading has proved very useful and insightful...” HS

“Your reading was very accurate. Thank you.” MR

“Thank you so much for your reading. It was really comforting and has given me a lot of hope.” MC

“Every time I listen to your reading again it speaks to me with something new. I love it! Thank you.” TS

“I always appreciate your honest and sincere readings.” IH

“What I really appreciate is that you don’t only read for me but you give me guidance. You make me realise that I have choices in my life!” BC

“Your reading has really woken me up in so many ways!” JA

“To tell the truth, I have found that you are really someone special. A lot of things that you read for me were true at the time or happened shortly thereafter. I feel fortunate to have found you!” KM

“You picked up on issues from deep inside and within me and described who I was before I even had connected the dots.” PL

“With your authentic gift as a psychic and with thoughtful and insightful advice from experience and knowledge based on the real world, you have done a great job!” WS

“Wow! How amazingly accurate! What an amazing gift! Thanks again.” RD

“I’m amazed at your accuracy. I’ve met the man you described - just as you described. I just wanted to update you on the prediction. Great work!” Trisha

“Thanks a million for the reading. Like most of your clients, I mulled it over all weekend. You were was very uplifting and gave me hope for the resolution of some lifelong issues as time passes.” ML

“Thank you, I LOVE this reading.” OLM

“Wow, thanks for the reading today. You are very talented. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your brilliance. Your advice was so clear to me today. What a great reading!” CW

“Thank you for my intuitive and heart-felt reading. It was if you have been there, on the outside-looking-in. You’ve given me the gift of reassurance, peace and closure in such a kind and thoughtful way. I can now ‘move on’ instead of being stuck in ‘neutral’ and can start living again!” SH

“You have made a believer out of me!” KT

“You’ve found what other intuitives and psychics missed. You’re very accurate and let me say that I’m naturally sceptical about these sorts of things. My reading has really helped me. Thank you so much!” PS

“Thank you – you have really opened my eyes!” IL

“Thank you so much for the reading. It was a very validating and learning experience. Your accuracy was amazing.” CL

“Thank you again for the reading. I feel much much better about the direction I need to go.” VM

“Thank you so much. I found your reading so uplifting and encouraging, it’s reaffirmed my commitment. You are absolutely right (as usual)… Thank you again for a lovely reading, and I will certainly keep in touch!” NC

“Thank you for the reading. It resonated with me so strongly that I actually shed a few tears whilst reading it!” LL

“Thank you so much for the reading. I was so excited to receive it. God has blessed you with the gift of knowing because from what you wrote, you definitely know me.” ST

“Your reading on my career path was so profoundly moving - and extremely accurate. Your insights into my personality and capacities are truly remarkable. I feel much more settled having read your kind words. Thank you so very much for offering your services - you are very astute.” LN

“I want you to have validation for your wonderful gifts. You of course are dead on and right about the names you gave me. They are actual names of the people involved. Wow! With love and gratitude for all you do,” DB

“Thank you for insights on how to heal this illness I have and how to move on with my life. Your insight and everything you said is true, even that past relationship with X… Thank you once again for your help!” DK

“Thank you again for making your services available. I am impressed with your psychic abilities, and your communication skills too.” CR

“You very kindly did a reading for me recently. I was impressed! Thanks.” PJ

“I was surprised and delighted to find my Email Reading today! And I must tell you, your insight is truly astounding.” TC

“Thank you for your meaningful and insightful Relationship Reading for me. I was surprised as I read through it this time. I felt as if you almost knew what had happened to me and what I was thinking. I believe that you have already heard these words so many times from so many people, though. Even so, I still want to tell you these. I appreciate your reading and writing which are honest and sincere. Maybe I had realized deep inside me what you sensed and suggested but you really described clearly what I might have in my mind but I couldn’t grasp well. You just did better than I had tried to! And your suggestions and recommendations how I can change the situation!! Thank you for your really excellent work!” KK

“Thank you for the reading – I will recommend you and use your services again.” PJ

“WOW! Thank you so much. I didn’t get specific and yet you nailed it! You have earned my respect and gratitude!” MR

“As well as asking you about my next email reading, I wanted to let you know that I was so pleased with the reading you did for me last December. I put it away for awhile, only to look at it a couple of weeks ago, and realised that things have moved in the direction you said.” EP

“Once again I turn to you for advice. I always get so much from your readings!” DB

“Thank you so much for that very helpful and accurate information. What a wonderful and insightful reading.” TC

“I have always found your readings thought-provoking and insightful. It’s been a while since my last reading and I feel now that I need some more clarity and guidance. So, once again I turn to you.” NC

“You have helped me enormously already and its only hours since I received your insights.” BS

“I had you read for me once before and was pleased. So, I’m back for more.” LS

“Once again your psychic gifts have amazed me!” LE

“Thanks for your kind words and the reading. I have read it and I must say that I am amazed and how accurately you have assessed the type of person I am.” MV

“You managed to sum things up well and give sound advice which was helpful as well as encouraging.” MF

“I want to thank you for your help. Your reading was spot on! I am now focused and ready to take the action required. I once again thank you for your insight. Many thanks.” DB

“First let me say that I got an email reading from you in April. I was blown away by how right on you were about so much. Your reading for me has helped me to keep the faith the last few months and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” DB

“Over the years I have received email readings from other psychics and never have I felt the sense of sincerity and truth that comes from you. There is something very genuine that comes from your words...that is a blessing as you know. So, thank you... As for your reading...WOW. I would like to share a couple of points with you just to validate your message to me and reaffirm your intuitive gift...” JW

“You read for me back in February...and I wanted to tell you that the information you sent was very helpful. Thank you for your blessed gifts.” DK

“Thank you for my Life Reading. I’ve read it and thought it was interesting, insightful, and useful. I want to use it as a map for myself. I totally understand it now and I will keep you in mind for future readings. Good luck to you.” AI

“Thank you so much for your insightful and inspirational reading. I truly enjoyed the experience and your guidance has given me renewed resolve to follow my spirit and make my dreams a reality. Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your gift.” MM

“It’s happening just like you said it would!” SF

“You have completely and accurately described my are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for reading for me. I look forward to our next reading.” CR

“Thanks for the reading — you are so right about me!” DR

“A true professional...fab reading!” SB

“Deeply psychic, and the reading was grounded, accurate and extremely helpful. I can’t stress enough how practical it was, which sets him apart.” IE

“Trusted by people from all walks of life, including other psychics...” JL

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