Friday 15 December 2017

Alma fears that history is about to repeat itself.
But I see something that she had only dreamed of!

December 2006


Dear Alan,

I've been thinking about getting a reading but have been so scared. Here goes, 'cause I need to know. My boyfriend and I have been together for close to four years. We are really good together and all my friends are envious of what we've got. But recently it's like something's changed. Am I being paranoid? What do you see's going on?



Dear Alma,

First of all, I want to say that readings are here to empower you and should never be feared or avoided. Right. With that out of the way, I immediately get this sense with you that you are quite raw right now. And I want to connect it with the time of year.

I am being shown you with someone else – not your current boyfriend. This goes back some time. And I feel quite a bit of love between you and him. There was real love in what I'm sensing.

Plans were made. I even see an image of a puppy being given as a gift. But then just like that there's sadness, great sadness. I feel that he moved away. It was connected with work. But I don't have you going with him. Now in my mind's eye I see a Christmas tree ornament. So, I want to say that this break-up occurred during the holidays.

And while I feel that I understand why Christmastime might bring back these memories, I want to say that these are two different men. They are so different that it's like the only thing they have in common is you. And so that should give you some reassurance that what happened with one isn't necessarily going to happen with the other.

As I try to link to the energy of your current boyfriend, I sense he's quite a traditional man. It's like he believes that there are things that men do and things that women do. It's very conventional – but in quite a sweet way. He's a very proud man. But because of this I don't feel that he's the kind of man who lets you know what's going on in his head.

You too wear a mask when you're around him. You wouldn't dream of letting him know just how much anxiety is in your heart. I sense so much fear and panic. You poor dear – I see you as actually contemplating leaving him so that he couldn't hurt you the way that you've been hurt in the past. Well, get that idea out of your head. I cannot say strongly enough that I feel that would be a very big mistake.

For some time you say that you've felt that things have changed. And I have to admit that I too sense a shift taking place with him. But the image I see is that the two of you are getting closer – not drifting apart.

Something is taking him away from you – but not in the sense that occurred with your previous relationship. This feels like it's closer to home. It also feels temporary in nature. What I'm sensing is that he's making arrangements and taking care of business that somehow has a direct connection to your relationship. It's all about your relationship in fact.

I see papers with numbers spread out in front of him. And I want to link these papers to property. I feel that he's applying for a mortgage or completing rental agreements. It has the feel of ownership so I'll stick with mortgage.

But it's like he wants all this tied up so that he can present you with a complete package. And there's a ring. From what I sense, I'd say that he's getting ready to pop the question, not give you the boot.

Yet here's the potential kicker – I don't feel this is going to happen at Christmas. So, you are just going to have to hang in there until the New Year. And remember, that just because something painful happened in the past doesn't mean that something painful is going to happen in the future.

Have faith in your relationship. You've found someone who really loves you. And your friends are right – it's the kind of relationship many would love to be in.

And finally, you might want to have a look at my Top Ten Tips to a stress-free Christmas.

With that, I wish you all the best.


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