Friday 15 December 2017

Ingrid feels that her life is 'blah'.
Is this all there is for her? More of the same?

July 2009


Dear Alan,

I feel I'm in a 'blah' phase of my life. I guess somewhere along the way I fell into this kind of rut and now I'm paddling along with no real goal in sight. Any ideas? Is this really all there is for me – more of the same?



Dear Ingrid,

As I connect with your energy, the first thing I see clairvoyantly is a giant alarm clock that is literally shaking itself apart. This is one of the many symbols that immediately tell me something important about a client's situation. In this instance, it's telling me that you have known for some time that changes were required in your life.

You knew of deadlines and you knew that they were approaching. And while I see you trying to close your ears to it, I can sense that you constantly heard the ticking of this giant clock in your life. Yet from what I see clairvoyantly, you did nothing. You pretended that it was business as usual when it was so clearly not.

You say that you're in a rut. I actually don't sense that. What I sense is that you're floating as if you were adrift. It's slightly different in that a rut prevents you from moving. You stagnate in a rut. In your case, your old routine was shattered and came crumbling down upon you approximately a year ago. And while you don't quite appreciate it yet, a new phase of your life has already started – like it or not, ready or not.

What isn't clear to you but is something that I see very clearly is that you are about to move. That's right, you are about to change physical locations. Brace yourself as I see you changing not just house but work as well. Of course, it's the change in jobs that brings about the change in home.

The good news is that I don't see you being laid off or being fired. No, you'll leave of your own volition. I feel as though something you've been working on comes to an end and there's going to be a difference in opinions between you and the powers that be within the office about what you should do next. So, dust off that CV of yours as you're going to find yourself a new job sooner than you think.

Where you go is somewhere you've never lived before. However, it's somewhere you have thought about because I feel that you've bought a travel guide for that very location. I see lots of books where you're going. There's a very academic feel to it. I have to say that it feels to me that you leave the private sector to join some educational institution or research organisation.

You're going to look back on this move as one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.

And that's part of the lesson that you're learning right now. Stop procrastinating on the decisions in your life. Make them actively. Don't sit back and wait for life to make them for you. Don't be a passive decision-maker.

Another lesson that you've been struggling with is letting your intellect trump your emotions. Neither your heart nor your head should run roughshod over the other. But with you, it's definitely been your mind that has been in control.

You have the energy of someone who has been very bottom-line and commercial/profit motivated. However, from what I sense, I would say that this kind of thinking doesn't really work for you. And in any case, it's about to change. The businesswoman is going to take a backseat and the romantic in you will step forward.

It would be great if I saw you winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune, but I don't. I do, however, see you having enough financially to get by. You'll have what you need to live a nice and secure life. But again, you need to let go of these material goals and measures in your life. Why? Because I see you having so much more of a complete and full life.

I see you with friends and a social circle that feels as though it's been absent for a very long time. You're not going to be going it alone or flying solo any longer. There's going to be a network and safety net to catch you if you were to take a spill. So, ask yourself whether that isn't worth all the stress and other aspects of what will soon be your old life.

You're still holding on to your 'things' in life. You've still got some work to do. You'll get there. But I'm afraid that you've got to learn some of this the hard way. Keep asking yourself if what you're going through is worth it. Keep asking yourself whether there's not a decision that you know you should but aren't taking. Keep trying to reconnect with that not-for-profit soul inside you.

It won't be easy. But if you try and really work at it, you'll find yourself settled into that new life so much quicker.

I would encourage you to start doing some serious soul-searching. What I mean is that you need to get to grips with what it is that you want in life. I've given you some hints through my intuitive impressions. Now, it's over to you.

You're not in a rut but rather a holding pattern. How long you remain there is, of course, up to you. You are ready, however, to take that next step.

Undertaking such a hard look at one's life – wants, needs and fears – isn't easy, I admit. Some people can do it on their own. Others of us need the guiding hand of intuition and experience. So if you think you could do with some help from someone who has been there and done that and who can also give you intuitive impressions along the way regarding your energy, life challenges and progress, then you may want to consider my Intuitive Life Coaching.

Whether you go it alone or allow me to be your guide, hang in there and start tying up those loose ends as you're going to be on the move sooner than you think!

Good luck and please stay in touch!


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