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As an intuitive consultant, Alan has a unique perspective on the world. Here are his articles in the category of Self-Empowerment. You can also view the complete list of all his articles.

24 January 2017Rome wasn't built in a day!
14 February 2016Don't give up - give yourself a fresh start!
23 November 2015Take back your life - take back your health!
5 June 2015Forget about being beach-ready, it's all about "being life-ready"!
17 February 2015If you're stuck inside, take the opportunity to go further inside with mindfulness!
12 January 2014Make 2014 a choice year!
22 December 2013Season's Greetings - and your very own Survival Guide!
5 August 2012How to connect with your Olympian within!
18 December 2011Never look back in anger (or sadness)!
16 May 2011Live in the real world, not an electronic one!
16 March 2011Becoming your job can be quite a risky proposition!
17 February 2011Time to stop bashing bankers?
13 January 2011What will it take to make you happy?
9 October 2010Don't let coming home undermine your holiday! - Alan's tips for getting back into the swing of things efficiently -
12 September 2010If only we would just try to connect the dots!
5 August 2010Is your happiness bullet-proof?
19 July 2010Simplicity doesn't just happen!
23 May 2010Are you possessed? Or is someone stealing your energy? Let's consider other explanations first!
23 May 2010You're only as old as you FEEL!
2 May 2010Chase the blues away by spending five minutes outside!
14 March 2010Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!
25 February 2010It's time to put a spring in your step!
12 January 2010Sometimes we simply have to get up, get out and do something for other people!
28 December 2009It's natural to look back and it's natural to look forward!
25 October 2009Sometimes a "plate of calm" is just what we need!
19 October 2009It's time to notice the miracles in our lives!
19 October 2009It's time to become more self-reliant!
20 July 2009Wasted time is gone forever!
5 June 2009Why don't we help ourselves more?
13 April 2009Don't let money woes eclipse your happiness!
6 April 2009What's standing in the way of you being happy? It's time to check in and find out!
6 April 2009Forced change may be just what we need!
12 January 2009Why don't we know what to do?
5 January 2009Let's learn the lesson, pick ourselves up and MOVE ON!
3 November 2008The most stressful season of the year is here. How will you handle it?
1 September 2008If you want to change your life, start with your BELIEFS!
10 March 2008Are you happy? If not now, when?
15 October 2007Past success can hold you back just as past pain can!
24 September 2007The Law of Attraction always works - ALWAYS!
29 January 2007Don't roll over for the Winter Blues!
22 January 2007What role does the moon play in your life? More than you might think!
18 December 2006The Spirit of Christmas can be with you any time of year!
18 December 2006Don’t let the Ghost of Christmas Past terrorise you!
4 December 2006Make peace with what you cannot change!
13 November 2006All of us breathe. But how well do we do it?
23 October 2006Scientists make their cloak of invisibility and now you can make your own!
17 July 2006Does opportunity only knock once?
15 May 2006Dreams are too valuable to be forgotten!
24 April 2006Have you fallen back into that rut?
17 April 2006When help presents itself, why don’t we take it?
10 April 2006Isn’t it time we all cleared our clutter?
20 October 2005What are you missing by not remembering your dreams?
20 June 2005Perhaps it really is you...
9 June 2005Isn't it time you faced your demons?
31 May 2004Will you ever find time for yourself?
24 May 2004Are you preparing or are you worrying?
22 March 2004When is it going to get better?

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Alan's latest blog entry

What an interesting year 2017 will be!

What a surprising - and to some even shocking - year 2016 turned out to be. Perhaps most significantly, it was the year the British people chose Brexit and the year the American people elected Trump. These were two outcomes precious few saw coming. Pundits, pollsters and even psychics told us that it wouldn't happen - that it couldn't happen. Yet, in the end, it did happen... Continue reading »

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Happy 2017! It's finally here - we're underway. And whether the new White House occupant was your candidate or whether last year's UK referendum went the way you wanted, what I'm hearing from my clients is a real commitment to turning the page and to making this new year one of change - of doing things differently - of creating better realities for themselves... Continue reading »

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