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Medical Intuitive Readings

Price: £300 (approx. US$395.87 | €335.63)
Also available as an Emergency Reading
Comprehensive assessment of your spirit, energy body and chakras
with an optional follow-up telephone consultation.

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My Medical Intuitive Readings are the most comprehensive energetic reading I offer - and quite possibly the most comprehensive available by anyone, anywhere!

My aim in a Medical Intuitive Reading is to undertake an intuitive assessment of the key components of my client's spirit and energetic anatomy. What I see and sense reveals to me where my clients are in terms of their life lessons, spiritual path and energetic well-being. Because my impressions are highly symbolic in nature, I help my clients see themselves and the world around them in a new and empowered way so that they can begin to appreciate what they have to do to live a life that is more conscious, congruent and authentic.

Balanced Stones

A Medical Intuitive Reading can be exceptionally valuable by giving you what you need to take a more active role in your life. To be sure, I do Medical Intuitive Readings for people who are struggling with their health. But increasingly I find myself doing Medical Intuitive Readings for people who want to learn more about themselves so that they can make better decisions in life, manage their energy more responsibly and discover more fully who they really are and what they are meant to be doing in life.

The format of my Medical Intuitive Reading is a detailed written report of approximately 8,000 words that is sent to you via email and, if you wish, a follow-up telephone consultation.

Using my intuitive abilities, I healed myself of a non-curable, degenerative and debilitating disease. And I've helped many others improve their lives and well-being. Let me help you help yourself. Don't leave your life to chance. Book a Medical Intuitive Reading with me!

Energised and fully of life

Your Medical Intuitive Reading would include the following:

  1. Energy Health Assessment:

    The anatomy of the spirit consists, at its most fundamental level, of four primary bodies of energy. They are the spiritual body, the emotional body, the mental body and the physical body. As their names suggest, these energetic bodies correspond to distinct aspects of ourselves. For example, the spiritual body relates to the present experiences of our soul. It holds information about the current state of our overall life path and mission in this incarnation. The mental body is connected to our thoughts, decision-making processes and belief systems. The state of this body is a good indicator of how rational and logical we are. The emotional body is connected to our feelings. Insights into whether we tend to embrace what we feel or repress it is contained within this body. And the physical body reveals how we interact with and relate to our external environment and surroundings.

    I examine each of these energetic bodies in turn and explain how I perceive them intuitively. I share the symbols that I see and then decipher them based on what I sense they mean for you and why that meaning is relevant and significant to you.

    I then consider the stress that I detect within your energy. Each of us carries around stress. Stress is unavoidable. But contrary to what you might think, stress in and of itself is not a bad thing. When it motivates us and spurs us into action, stress can actually be quite valuable. When, however, we don't respond to it, stress can leave us feeling drained, depleted, frustrated and overwhelmed. So, in this part of the reading, I perceive what I sense to be the single most significant stress in your life. I look at the nature of the stress and its underlying cause. I offer what I sense would alleviate the stress and describe what I feel you would have to do to bring about the ultimate resolution of the stress.

    I also share what I sense to be the most relevant archetype within your energy. This is a profoundly powerful aspect of you that you can call on to help you achieve your goals as well as improve your well-being. I describe the archetype in such a way that you can recognise its pattern and attributes within you so that you can begin to honour and embrace more fully what it has to teach you.

    I conclude this assessment with what I call my Energy Health Rating. Here I offer an intuitive scoring of what I perceive to be the overall state of your energy health, based on what I have seen and sensed in your energy bodies and based on how well I sense that you are dealing with the major stresses in your life. The Energy Health Rating is on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being optimum health.

    Vitruvian Man

  2. Energy Flow Assessment:

    Just as blood courses through our veins, energy is constantly flowing through our bodies. Whereas the heart pumps the blood, the energy flowing within us is regulated and impacted by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and life experiences as well as the daily stresses and anxieties we are subjected to, not to mention environmental pollutants, artificial electromagnetic energies and modern-day processed and refined foods.

    In this section, I visualise a representation of your body. I then intuitively scan and trace the fourteen major meridians – the energetic pathways in your body. In doing so, I slowly and systematically assess whether I sense the energy is flowing as it should or whether it seems to me that the pathway has become blocked or is in some way scrambled.

    When I find myself being drawn to pathways where the energy vibration seems noticeably different and where the energy current isn't flowing as it should, I then aim to detect intuitively how the energy flow may be cleared and restored.

    It's my experience that no-one is completely free of energy blocks. Rather it's a matter of degree, severity and location within the body.

    I conclude this part of the Medical Intuitive Reading with an indication of my intuitive perception of the overall flow of energy in your body with my Energy Flow Scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being optimum energy flow.


  3. Chakras Assessment:

    The human body contains an energetic ecosystem consisting of seven major centres called 'chakras'. The chakras are our energetic powerhouses and they resonate with the quality and quantity of the energy in our physical bodies. Western allopathic medicine has finally recognised that each chakra correlates to key clusters of nerve cells. As such, the chakras, once considered to be only metaphysical or esoteric constructs, are increasingly accepted as corresponding to specific physical organs and bodily functions. But there's another level to our chakras.

    Our seven chakras also relate to emotional issues, spiritual lessons and life challenges each of us face. As such, how well we are growing and developing as individuals is reflected in our chakras.

    The first chakra corresponds to whether we feel physically safe and secure in our immediate environment. The second chakra deals with our ability to appreciate our personal power within the realm of one-on-one interactions. The third chakra provides a measure of our self-esteem. The fourth chakra indicates how we manage our feelings and emotions. The fifth chakra is all about our ability to express ourselves and communicate. The sixth chakra reflects the way we see the world around us. And the seventh chakra offers us insights into whether we understand our purpose and mission in life.

    Ideally, each chakra should be open with energy flowing out as well as in. Moreover, the chakras, when considered together, should operate as a balanced and harmonious system, with no one chakra dominating any other.

    For the Chakras Assessment, I intuitively perceive each chakra in turn and indicate my impressions and perceptions regarding the quality of energy in them. To that end, I relate the most relevant symbols, images or messages that I receive. I decipher what I see and sense within the context of the particular chakra so that you can begin to work with that energy as appropriate.

    Finally, with each chakra I rate the quality of the energy and indicate how healthy and balanced I intuitively perceive it to be on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being optimum energy state. This is what I call my Chakra Energy Quality (CEQ) Index.

  4. Recommendations:

    Based on what I have seen and sensed in your energy, I offer practical recommendations. These can take the form of techniques and exercises that you can undertake for yourself to strengthen your energy. I provide suggestions how you can proceed to explore further any issues that I have sensed. And this is where I share additional insights that I glean from the totality of your energy.

  5. Telephone Consultation (optional):

    30-minute consultation by telephone after you have received your reading to discuss my intuitive impressions, address any questions you may have and discuss your next steps.

If you have questions about my Medical Intuitive Readings, please contact me. And please check out what other clients have said about their readings in my Testimonials.

And finally, with the purchase of this reading, you'll become a current client which entitles you to a year's full access to all of Alan's articles.

How to buy

Here's how to get your own Medical Intuitive Reading:

  • Submit your payment of £300 using the PayPal Buy Now button at the top of the page. (If you have any questions about how to pay or if you're paying in another currency, please view my Payment Information page.)
  • Send me your date of birth. (Your date of birth is used solely to help me connect to your energy remotely.) Also, if you have any particular issues or areas you would like me to focus on in your reading, please feel free to send them to me.
  • I will confirm receipt of your Medical Intuitive Reading purchase and let you know when your reading will be ready. Readings are usually scheduled around two weeks in advance. If you need your reading sooner, I offer a premium service to guarantee turnaround within 72 hours.
  • I will then prepare your comprehensive energy profile and forward it to you in a separate email.

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