Friday 15 December 2017

Judi & Tom love their house.
But with the credit crunch they ask me:
Will we lose our house?

September 2008


Dear Alan,

My husband and I have recently finished renovating a house. It's so lovely and it's where I always thought we'd spend our twilight years. But now with the economic downturn and higher mortgage rates, I fear that we may lose all that we've worked for. Do you see us having to sell our house?

Judi & Tom


Dear Judi & Tom,

Let me start out by saying that I am not a financial adviser. So, the first thing that I would suggest you do is to get and remain in contact with your bank. I hear of so many people who find themselves in dire straits simply because they thought that they didn't have any options. Don't do this. Keep the channels of communication open with your financial institution and seek qualified independent advice.

Now, with that out of the way, let's see what psychic insights and intuitive impressions I get regarding your financial situation.

The first thing I sense as I connect with your energy is that you need to change the way you look at money. With you, I sense that it's about receiving money; it's about getting paid. But I cannot help but feel that it's very passive with you. It's like it's a one-way street – with you on the receiving end. I keep getting this clairvoyant image of you standing still and holding your hand out.

This image doesn't correspond with your energy. What I mean by that is that in other areas of your life you are very active. Yet, when it comes to money, you somehow go all reactive. What I want you to do is to stop thinking about getting paid money and shifting your perspective to earning more money.

It's a subtle energetic shift, but I sense that it will make all the difference in the world. I feel that if you do this, you will find yourself creating opportunities rather than simply waiting for them to fall into your lap.

So, what opportunities are there for you? The one that jumps out at me is your home. It's what you love. It's what you've poured your heart and soul into. And it's where you are energetically. You are trying to hold on to your home and I sense that by spending more time there and working within this environment you'll do more than simply save your home.

You've renovated this house of yours. To me, it feels very private and personal. It's also been on a small scale from what I sense. Now I feel that you can earn money by helping people renovate, refurbish and otherwise do up their homes. In the current market people are either staying put or are trying to increase the value of their homes, this is where I sense you have an opportunity. I see you energetically as a teacher. Your subject is how to make your home more beautiful and comfortable whilst adding value to it.

It's been a hobby for you so far. It's been what you've done in your spare time. But I feel that you could make a go of it professionally.

Another impression I get is that you have become rather obsessed about money over the past year to 18 months. This is understandable, but it's not good from what I sense. I want you putting money into its proper place and get a more detached perspective on it.

To do this, I feel that you need to stop thinking how to get this pot of money you dream of and focus more on doing something that you love and have fun with. The rewards I see you reaping won't only be personal, they will be financial as well.

Again, you are passionate about your house and I feel that you can inspire and ignite a similar fire of energy and enthusiasm in others. To me, this is your path.

A wonderful side effect is what I sense this opportunity is doing to your marriage. I sense that you and Tom will become stronger as you overcome this challenge. What you two share is so rare. Too many people pull away as they encounter hardship. But not you. This will bring you closer. I sense this because clairvoyantly I see you two renewing your vows.

Finally, I sense that there's a lot distracting you. There's so much around you that keeps you focused on the financial woes of the country. Don't let the problems of others become your problems. Keep your mind on yourself and how you can improve your situation. In other words, perhaps it's time to ditch the monthly satellite TV subscription for a more productive evening pursuit!

To sum it up, I see you saving your house by making your future about helping other people save their houses – literally as well as metaphorically.

Good luck and please stay in touch!

With that, I wish you all the best.


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