Sunday 17 December 2017

Brendan asks about loan debt.
But I'm sensing something else is afoot!

October 2005


Hi Alan. Here's a quick question for you: do you ever see me paying off my student loan debt?



Dear Brendan, Let me begin by saying, "WOW!" You've asked such a simple and direct question, but it's packed with so much energy, not to mention palpable anxiety.

Right, the first thing I feel is that what's going on isn't really about the student loans at all. Well, it is and isn't. I'll explain. I'm sensing that you are contemplating a MASSIVE change of lifestyle. It's like I have you in a metropolis one day and the middle of nowhere the next. I'm not sure whether it would be possible to go any further to the other extreme.

Change of location is only one element. I feel that work's going to change as well. It's not just where you work, but I have you going to do something you've never done before. You've done your research, but I don't sense very much hands-on experience, if any at all.

And at the moment, I have you frantically trying to tie up loose ends. So you're doing lots of scenario planning - what if this and what if that. This feels like it's gone quite smoothly - especially at the speed I believe you're going. But there's one cloud still hanging over your head - that blasted student debt.

I'll cut to the chase and say you're worrying over actually very little. Don't make this more than it is - although I do sense that it's a lot of money. And don't waste time contemplating doing things that you know good and well you'd never do, like going AWOL. Come on, you know you've toyed with the idea.

Here's some reassurance. What I predict is this. You are moving precisely in the direction that you should. The timing couldn't be better. It's planned. It's arranged. It's happening. And may I say that many of my life coaching clients would do anything to have your organisational skills, drive and commitment.

Everything about your energy says this is the life for you!

Better yet, I have you earning a living from it. Herein lies your worry. How will you pay off that debt when you are leaving your job? And a not-too-badly-paid job at that, I sense. If you think you know what you'll end up doing, you don't. I can tell you that it's something new and it's something you have not thought of. Moreover, I don't feel you've yet met the people you'll be doing it with. But you know what? That's okay. You don't have to know all of that. Simply trust that it will be okay.

With that reassurance, I hope you won't do what I sense you are leaning toward doing. I feel that you are thinking about making a lump sum payment now. While it might ease your mind, I sense that it will eat too much into your savings. Bad idea! It will work out, but believe you me you are going to need every spare penny starting out.

So in answer to your question - yes, you will pay off your student loans. Don't do anything clever like making double or lump payments. Instead just make your minimum payments and you'll be just fine.

In short, stop fretting and allow yourself to begin getting excited about your new life. It is not a dream. It is reality!

Good luck and I wish you all the best!


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