Sunday 19 November 2017

Debi struggles to make sense of her life.

October 2009


Dear Alan,

Thanks for your message about becoming more aware of the everyday miracles in our lives. It's got me thinking. God knows that this has been a year of ups and downs. But somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my direction. I'm drifting – or at least I feel like I am. Can you help me? Where am I headed and what am I to take from all that's happening to me?

Thanking you in advance,


Dear Debi,

As I connect with your energy, my first impression of your life direction is an image of secateurs. I see you taking them in hand and walking into the garden of your life. It feels to me to be unruly and verging on the wild. Some of the weeds have grown so tall that they almost dwarf you. This tells me that life is on the verge of overwhelming you right now.

But you have to remember that you've got your secateurs in hand. You have all that you need to tame this garden. And you have all that you need to tame your life. In your garden, you need to get in there and start cutting out the deadwood. You need to start giving shape to the bushes. You need to rip out the weeds so that the beauty of the flowers can once again be seen.

And this metaphor is what I sense for the direction of your life. You have to start cutting yourself free from that which is crowding your life and preventing the sunlight of inspiration from coming in.

I recently wrote about the importance these days of self-reliance. Well, you are self-reliant already. But you've got so much going on that you've been unable to see that.

Brace yourself for this as it may surprise you. I sense that you will be going on the journey of the archetypal entrepreneur. I see you spending some of your time working from home. So, first things first – clear the clutter so that you've got somewhere to work – and to create.

Unfortunately, I sense that you're so caught up in working for other people that you're not appreciating just how much better your life would be if you struck out and went your own way.

You need to reconnect with your dreams of old. I sense that you've had a dream of having your own business since you were a child. Now it's time to take the first steps toward making that a reality.

In fact, the theme of the child features large in your energy. No, I don't see you having a child. It's rather like I see you supporting other people who are. There's something about you setting up a business or opening a shop that either sells children's clothing or toys. But it's very clear that your business will have something to do with making childhood an easier and happier experience both for the children and for the parents.

The lesson that you're struggling with is that you have to go your own way. The longer you try to stay where you are or try to remain within an organisation the harder I sense it will be for you. You were born to lead and you were born to provide for yourself in a very direct and literal way. Try to see that where you've been up until now has been a journey of learning every aspect of keeping a shop and running a business.

I feel that if you can see and understand that your life has been about teaching you this lesson, then you will appreciate that what has looked quite negative or even bizarre has been just what you needed. I don't sense that you will have to try too hard to see that life has been pushing you along in this direction for quite some time. It's going to be quite natural for you. After all, I sense that it's the next chapter in your life.

Now there's one caveat that I feel I need to make. When I say that you need to go out on your own, I don't mean that you cannot or shouldn't have a business partner. I feel that you will meet – because you don't know her yet – a woman with quite long hair. She's got all the networking connections you'll need for this business. You've got all the know-how. She'll pull in the people. Together you form a well-rounded partnership.

Also one more thing, I don't see you renting or even paying for space for your business. I feel that there's someone you'll meet who has space that they are willing to give you at no charge. Ask for this kind of assistance – don't be shy. It will, I sense, be given to you – and more. Remember, the Universe wants you to do this. It will provide the synchronicities for you to succeed.

So, Debi, the reason that life has seemed so strange of late is because life is trying to get you to move into a new direction. Yours is so clearly that of the entrepreneur. Embrace that path and I sense that it will soon start to make a lot more sense.

Good luck and please stay in touch!


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