Career Readings

Make better decisions at work and in business.

Price: £85 (approx. US$118.10 | €96.50)
(Approximately 1,800 words)
Also available as an Emergency Reading

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Are you seeking to climb the professional ladder? Or are you trying to remain securely at the top? Either way my Career Readings reveal what you need to know about where you are headed professionally and how to take steps toward success.

I work with people from all walks of life and in every occupation to give them intuitive but practical guidance on their talents, prospects, potential and image.

Many of my clients turn to me for a Career Reading when they are considering a move or a promotion or just need an intuitive take of what’s going on behind the scenes. Other times, clients consult me when they are trying to re-discover their passion or re-ignite their fire for success.

Career Ladder

Whether you're still wondering what you'll be when you grow up or whether you know exactly where you want to go but are unsure as to how to get there, one of my Career Readings will help you view yourself, your goals, direction, mission, purpose and situation in a new light - through the lens of intuition, symbolic sight and archetypal interaction.

And if you are contemplating undertaking a completely a new venture, then my Career Reading is your essential reading. My intuitive insights could prove invaluable toward ensuring that you go as far as you can dream.

If I've never read for you before, the reading in Ask Alan is indicative of what a reading with me is like. And please check out what other clients have said about their readings in my Testimonials.

You can contact me if you have any questions about my Career Readings.

And finally, with the purchase of this reading, you'll become a current client which entitles you to a year's full access to all of Alan's articles.

How to buy

Here’s how to get your own Career Reading:

  • Submit your payment of £85 using the PayPal Buy Now button at the top of the page. (If you have any questions about how to pay or if you’re paying in another currency, please view my Payment Information page.)
  • Send me your questions or the areas you want me to focus on in your reading together with your date of birth. (Your date of birth is used solely to help me connect to your energy remotely.)
  • I will then confirm receipt of your reading purchase and let you know when your Career Reading will be ready. Readings are usually scheduled around two weeks in advance. If you need your reading sooner, I offer a premium service to guarantee turnaround within 72 hours.
  • Your Career Reading will follow in a separate email with intuitive insight, advice and guidance, on your career, consisting of approximately 1,800 words.

I achieved my goals with intuition and so can you.

Here are just a few of the ways that intuition has enriched my life over the years and continues as a valued resource every day.


Seeing my body intuitively gave me what I needed to heal from what experts deemed incurable.

Business Dealings

Intuition was key to strategies that allowed me step back from the business world at an early age.

Client Consultations

People from all walks of life and from the world over consult me for my intuitive insights and guidance.


Being able to sense what's going on beneath the surface has been essential to connecting with other people.

Spiritual Practice

The symbolic sight fostered by intuition keeps me spiritually centred, grounded, de-stressed and motivated.

Personal Support

On a daily basis, intuition allows me to make decisions and formulate plans that enhance my life.

How I work with and support my clients

Written Email Readings

Email Readings

With my written readings, clients send me their questions and I respond with detailed impressions and insights presented articulately and professionally in a PDF document which guides them forward. Find out more.

Telephone Sessions

Telephone Sessions

Connecting in real-time provides clients a safe space and profound experience. Together we interact in real-time and I respond immediately. With some clients I work weekly; with others we schedule sessions as needed. Find out more.

1-on-1 Intuitive Development Training

1-on-1 Training

Would you like to be able to do what I do? Whether you're taking your first steps or already have clients of your own, I will help you get your intuitive skills to where they can be with customised training and practical tips. Find out more.

Don't leave your life to chance. Let me guide you with my intuitive impressions and insights.