Sunday 17 December 2017

Glen's money is gone before he gets it.
But where's it all going?
I sense he's just handing it over!

January 2007


Hey Alan,

2006 wasn't the greatest of years for me, financially speaking. It seemed like all my money was spent before I got to enjoy it, let alone save it for a rainy day. I just don't know where it all goes to. It would be nice to think that 2007 might be different on that score. I need to manage my finances more responsibly. Can you help?



Dear Glen,

I'm sensing quite a bit of worry and anxiety in your energy when it comes to money. And I have to say that there's something that makes me feel like it ought not to be there. I'm not discounting the fact that you have some financial concerns. Rather it strikes me that you shouldn't have these concerns in the first place.

I see this image of a river flowing – it's deep and it's wide. And I want to associate that with your work. It seems to me that you are secure in your job and I sense that you're properly (if not handsomely) rewarded for it. Whereas so many have to go out and find new sources of money, I don't feel that you do. There's plenty coming in from what I clairvoyantly see.

Another impression I have is that I feel that your position has changed. I don't feel that you have any less than you have had for some time. What's changed is your perspective on money – and what it can do for you and what you can do with it.

To be sure, what I sense has changed is your belief in yourself. It's like I see a dry lake bed, which I want to connect with your confidence. This is the real issue. It's not how much or how little money you have. It's rather that you've recently started to use your money to boost your self-esteem.

You're naturally a generous person. But of late you've gone a bit overboard with your generosity. I sense that you've been trying to make sure that your friends remain your friends through material gifts. From what I see, it's been difficult for them. They've not known how to accept all you're giving. It's too much. And their confusion has confused you. I want to say that you feel you need to do more when in fact you need to step back.

But your friends have only been one factor in what you're going through. I'm not suggesting you blame them. It's rather like I have you moving up and moving up, becoming more successful. They, however, have remained where they've always been. There's some guilt in your energy that feeds on their resentment. It's all quite subtle. But it's there.

Showering them with gifts not only drains your piggy bank, but it makes them think that you've changed more than you have. You give. They take, but suspiciously so. You don't get the warm fuzzy feeling that they fully support you. And so you give more. It's a vicious circle. This is what I sense is really at the bottom of your financial situation.

Remember, the money that you earn is yours. Your friends like you for who you are, not for how much you make or what you give them.

My advice is simple. Stop it with the gifts. Some of your friends are going to drift away. That's natural. That's life. But trying to hold on to them through your generosity won't work.

Now, I know you didn't ask about love. But I want to say that I see you becoming very seriously involved by springtime. And when I say seriously, I mean it. We're eventually talking invitations, bells, cake and a shower of rice. That is somewhat down the road, but the two of you connect in 2007.

The main thing is that she is going to love who you are and not what you have. The occasional treat will be all that's called for in the expenses department. Your confidence is going to go through the roof – and your bank balance won't be far behind.

The situation with your friends will work itself out. In the meantime, you'll finally be saving for that proverbial rainy day – or perhaps could it be that honeymoon in Gran Canaria!

And about those New Year's Resolutions you've made, you'll want to read my article about them.

With that, I wish you all the best.


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