Thursday 14 December 2017

2-Question Readings

Price: £85 (approx. US$113.48 | €96.70)
(Approximately 1,800 words)
Also available as an Emergency Reading
Up to 2 questions answered with intuitive insights!

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With a 2-Question Reading you can ask me up to two questions on any topic. And the questions can be as general or specific as you like.

In a previous article I posed the question to my readers - What would you ask? My article might help you frame your own questions.

Fork in the road

In answering your questions, I will connect with your energy remotely. I will then relate how I intuitively perceive what is taking place now. Based on my impressions, I can offer how I see things unfolding and, perhaps most importantly, what I sense that you need to know.

A 2-Question Reading can be invaluable in helping you see yourself and your life in new and powerful way as I'll be examining and explaining the energy of your situation through the lens of intuition, symbols and archetypes.

If I've never read for you before, the reading in Ask Alan is indicative of what a reading with me is like. And please check out what other clients have said about their readings in my Testimonials.

You can contact me if you have any questions about my 2-Question Readings.

And finally, with the purchase of this reading, you'll become a current client which entitles you to a year's full access to all of Alan's articles.

How to buy

Here's how you can get your own 2-Question Reading:

  • Submit your payment of £85 using the PayPal Buy Now button at the top of the page. (If you have any questions about how to pay or if you're paying in another currency, please view my Payment Information page.)
  • Send me up to 2 questions on any issue along with your date of birth. (Your date of birth is used solely to help me connect to your energy remotely.)
  • I will then confirm receipt of your reading purchase and let you know when your 2-Question Reading will be ready. Readings are usually scheduled around two weeks in advance. If you need your reading sooner, I offer a premium service to guarantee turnaround within 72 hours.
  • Your 2-Question Reading will follow in a separate email in which I will respond to your questions with intuitive insight, advice and guidance, consisting of approximately 1,800 words.

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“You very kindly did a reading for me recently. I was impressed! Thanks.” PJ

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