Sunday 19 November 2017

Suzy asks: Should I stay or should I go?

May 2008


Dear Alan,

I moved to where I am currently living nearly 15 years ago. Part of me says to stay put. Another part of me yearns to pack my bags. Perhaps it's time for a change. I am possibly considering a move. I'm torn. So should I stay? Or should I go? Hey, wasn't that a song?! Kidding aside I would like to hear what you have to say.



Dear Suzy,

The first thing that comes through as I connect with your energy is that the timing is right for a move. But timing is only one aspect of it. There's so much more involved. Let's dig deeper and see what comes through.

When I link to where you are now, I sense education and the energy of people younger than you. I feel as though I am actually connecting with your past. I get the impression that you are living in the same city as where you attended university. I see books. I see you studying. I see you graduating.

In my vision you grow, you mature and you change. The city, landscape and the people around you change as well. But there's a sameness that I'm detecting. And please don't take offence, but it all feels very stale to me.

It's as if you have stayed in situ while those around you come and go. Even the businesses around you have changed. But there you remain. It's as if you are the only thing constant where you live. I appreciate this is something of an exaggeration – yet it's the way I perceive what's coming through.

There used to be enthusiasm and a real buzz about you living where you are. There's something unique about it. It's like it's a seat of power of sorts. Decisions that affect the world are taken there. Deals are made that make headlines. That used to appeal to you. But that was then. This is now.

It's a different story with you of late. The thought of setting sail, so to speak, isn't new. It's been with you for several years. It is, however, building. And I sense that it's starting to eat away at you. This, I sense, is somewhat literal as I feel you are having stomach problems due to the discomfort, distress and dislike of your environment.

Your environment used to empower you. Now it drains you of energy. That's not good. You don't need me to tell you that. Yet you certainly need to connect the dots with your stress levels and feelings of being unwell with your city. I say city – it doesn't feel like a huge metropolis. I get the feeling that it's in the top ten of largest cities in America but only just.

Where you are going to be moving to is actually somewhere that feels like home. It's not your hometown – meaning where you grew up. I make that clarification because I don't feel that you grew up where you were born. There's a break there.

But there's this feeling of coming home. There's nostalgia. I feel as though you will rediscover your roots in this new town. I say town because there's going to be some major downsizing in your surroundings. But having said that you will actually have a lot more living space.

Your biggest challenge is going to be to slow down. You don't appreciate it yet but you are functioning at a rather frenzied pace. I currently have you going here, there and everywhere with barely enough time to catch your breath.

The reason that you are a veritable whirlwind will be coming to an end. The difficult bit is that you are going to have to replace your need for activity with something else. I sense that you need to consider a personal trainer in your new location to burn off that excess energy or else you may find yourself climbing the walls.

Now when I try to sense the destination of your move, I see the letters 'SF'. I don't feel that it's San Francisco – although I am more west than east. As I psychically scan a map of the US, I find myself drawn to New Mexico. I find myself stopping and settling on Santa Fe. How does that sound?

Good luck with your move. Everything I sense tells me that it's not only right, it's long overdue.

With that, I wish you all the best.


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