Sunday 19 November 2017

Robyn wants to know if she'll be laid off.
Could it be a blessing in disguise?

April 2009


Hi Alan,

My company is being reorganised due to the effects of the ongoing credit crisis. What do you see for me? Will I be laid off? Will I stay? Should I submit a pre-emptive resignation? I'm confused. Please help me!



Dear Robyn,

A relevant survey revealed not so long ago that 53% of senior executives in the public and private sectors planned to reduce their staff headcount and 52% were going to freeze their recruitment activities. So, my heart reaches out to you. It might not be much consolation but you are not alone in your anxiety, frustration and worries. Let's now have a look and see what comes through from a psychic and intuitive perspective.

As I connect with your energy, my first impression is that your work puts a lot of pressure on you – and I do mean a lot. I have this image of you lying in bed and having arguments with yourself about whether you'll go to work and whether today could be the day that you quit. I have to say that it doesn't feel healthy to me.

I sense that you are paying a heavy price – both psychologically and physically – for this job. But just as I'm seeing the depths I also get a glimpse of what keeps you going. There's this golden carrot being dangled before you. Symbolically this tells me that you are motivated by the money that this job offers. But with the way it appears to me, I would say that it's more like a bonus and not merely your wages.

As I step back, I get images of bulls, chains and buildings constructed of marble. I feel that you're in the financial sector. Indeed, it's so heavy on the testosterone factor that I'll say it's investment banking or some sort of equity fund management. You've got the potential of your big rewards but it's got you paying a high price.

You know all this. In fact, I hear voices of other people who have told you to leave this job. It's as if no-one in your internal circle feels that it's good for you anymore. It's not just family, but I sense that impartial and objective sources have also recommended that you not hang around in this damaging environment.

Now, I want to say that I feel that all of this advice has come from a place of love and compassion for you. I don't feel that any of these people have advised you out of rivalry or some competitive motivation. It's not like they are trying to get you out of the way so that they get a bigger slice of the pie.

Moreover, it's not that they are saying that you can't do this kind of work. It's rather that they are saying that you don't have to and shouldn't continue to subject yourself to it.

The stakes actually feel as though they've been raised somehow. I see this image of you tiptoeing and it makes me feel that you may be hiding or trying to ensure that people don't find out where you work. I feel as though there's considerable animosity directed toward the company you work for. Continue to take the precautions, but I don't see any harm coming your way. So, try to relax on that front.

Regarding the restructuring, I do see the image of lots of people walking from the building. They are upset and they aren't coming back. That's it for them. But in my vision, I'm not seeing you go through the exit. It's as if you are still there.

If that's the good news, then here's the bad news. I also see you manning your desk as well as the desk of at least two other people. I feel as though the workload is going to go up – considerably. And no, I don't sense that a pay increase will accompany this additional work.

While you may be one of the last ones standing, you've got to ask yourself whether it will be worth it. Remember the stress you are feeling now. Take some time out and listen to how your body is already trying to get your attention. You'd be wise to try to relieve some of this pressure.

The thing is that I don't sense that you have to work like this. In fact, I feel as though you've got other skills and qualifications in different areas that would allow you to find work and put food on the table. So, try to see that you're not boxed in as you would have those around you, including yourself, believe. You've got options.

Should you decide to stay in your current job, I would urge you to consider insisting on having a holiday before the additional work kicks in. You have earned it and your body, from what I sense, is calling out for it. If not for you, do it for your body. I feel sure that they will grant your request for a mini-break. It won't be much, but you'll have to make do with the crumbs you're offered.

I feel as though there's a part of you that really loves this job – painful, exhausting and downright scary though it may be. It's like you got exactly what you wished for. But hear this, I sense that you are headed for burnout. Try at least to ease up off the accelerator long enough to take care of yourself and allow your batteries to recharge.

Good luck and please stay in touch!

With that, I wish you all the best.


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