Friday 29 April 2016

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Friday 29 April 2016


This is a day to know what you're doing and why you're doing it. And so, to that end, you're going to need to be able to think on your feet. Prepare to find yourself in dynamic situations. But don't react defensively. You see, this is an opportunity to demonstrate just how spontaneous you can be. It's not about going to extremes but rather turning over a new leaf. And to find out where this could lead you, I recommend one of my Intuitive Life Readings!


This Friday you are going to have to exert some self-control. Of course, there are things that you want. And none of us likes being told that we'll have to wait or that we have to conform to another's way of going about it all. But trust me, we have rules in society for a reason. Try to see the bigger picture. Swimming against the tide isn't just ill-advised - it's exhausting - for now at least. For more guidance on the way ahead, let's get one of my Intuitive Coaching Sessions in the diary!


I don't know if it's the weather or your mood, but you come to me as though you're prepared to throw caution to the wind this Friday. That's right, there's an air of wanting to push the envelope right now. But are you prepared to finish what you start? In other words, if you don't feel that you'll be willing to see things through, then you should hold off until you feel differently. Once undertaken, your next move could take on a life of its own very quickly. To find out more about where this will take you, I suggest one of my Intuitive Telephone Readings!


Things are rather complicated right now. And so, you need to make sure that you're taking it easy - as far as you yourself are concerned. In other words, identify what you consider to be the simple pleasures of life. And then, do what you have to do to enjoy them. Having a bit of fun doesn't have to be over-the-top or overly indulgent. You just need some time off from the daily grind. And to get a detailed overview of what's going on in your energy, I recommend one of my Medical Intuitive Readings!


You seem to want a distraction this Friday. That's right, the ordinary and the everyday is likely to leave you feeling that you have been left shortchanged. So, think about what it would take for you to connect with the deeper meaning of it all. Don't worry about knowing all the details. Right now you just need to contact your Higher Self and follow your spiritual nose. Trust me, it does indeed know what you need. To learn how to connect with that inner voice, enrol in my Intuitive Development Training!


The journey you'll find yourself on this Friday will entail something of a rather bumpy ride. And as such, I would encourage you to try to ease up and take things at a slower pace. I know you're anxious for change. But you could be letting your impatience get the better of you. Remember, Rome was indeed not built in a day. Look around you and take your cues from the people you encounter. And yes, this would be an ideal time for some of my Intuitive Coaching!


You are likely to find yourself feeling more pressure than you have been - and more pressure than you had been expecting to be feeling right now. From what I sense, the source is external. And as such, your influence and sway may be somewhat limited if you try, shall we say, to re-align a certain someone's expectations. So, instead, focus on yourself. Make peace within yourself as to how things are and the stress won't seem nearly as significant. To learn more about managing your energy, I would recommend one of my Medical Intuitive Readings!


It would be a mistake for you to forge ahead this Friday. Of course, you'll be tempted to plough on through. But you shouldn't underestimate the reticence and even reluctance of the people around you. Whatever you're about to do needs the backing of as many supporters as you can muster. So, rally the troops and get those ducks in a nice and orderly row. Then, and only then, should you make your move. For more insights and guidance, I recommend you treat yourself to one of my Intuitive Telephone Readings!


You may feel that you've not been heard today. What I mean is that the way others will be reacting to you won't exactly tally with what you've said and done. But believe you me, ignoring them would not be a good move. Don't bury your head in the sand. You've got an issue to deal with and one that demands your attention pronto. Little problems are best solved before they have time to grow into big ones. This would be a perfect opportunity to get my take on things with one of my Intuitive Relationship Readings!


What you're doing today matters. That's right, there's meaning and significance to what you've chosen to undertake. And I want to applaud what you've done so far but also to encourage you to carry on. Don't look for results just yet. They will come but they will take time. Until then, trust in your capabilities to deliver the goods. I know you can do it - and so should you. And don't worry, you don't have to go it alone - I'm here for you with one of my Intuitive Coaching Sessions!


This Friday you may not have anything that is overly pressing. Now, that's not to say that you don't have a lot that you could or even should be doing. But I have the impression that nothing is demanding your attention at the moment. And while this will sound perfect to some of you, others - hopefully - will twig that there's a danger of you going off on a frolic. In short, don't be too quick to stray today. Stay close to where you should be - lest your situation change without notice. And if you want my intuitive take on what's going on and why, let's get a Telephone Reading in the diary!


This Friday things are changing on your home front. And before you ask, I'm glad to say that it's all for the better. That's right, you can expect improvement. It's like the energy there is more solid - more secure - and best of all - more stable. So, relax and try to enjoy life a bit more. There's no need to protect yourself. Whatever has been closed in your life is about to open. Glorious. Get one of my Intuitive Life Readings for more insights as to where this is going to lead you!

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