Friday 28 November 2014

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Friday 28 November 2014


This is a day to make sure that you're out front as much as possible. That's right, stand tall and stand there on centre stage. People need to see you and you need to be seen. Being bashful or timid right now will only lead to you feeling that you didn't get all that was being offered to you. You're about to join something that is bigger than you. You're about to become a member of a rather elite club, so to speak. And before you know it, I sense that people could be raising a glass to toast your success!


Change is required. Such is life. Nothing ever remains the same for very long. This isn't to be fought but rather to be welcomed. So, take my advice and open the door when you hear that knock. Have more confidence in yourself. You can and will deal with what's coming your way. And if you think that this sounds like I'm preparing you for bad news, think again. Your future really is bright - but you have to welcome it - with open arms!


Love is in the air. Cupid is in town and he's working overtime on your behalf. And so, it's in your own best interests to make sure that you're up and out. People want to meet you - people want to be around you. What a shame it would be to deny your fans what they crave - you. If you ask me, you could do with engaging in a little flirting. Trust me, you've still got it. I know it; you should know it too!


This is going to be a day when you have to make sure that you're not allowing your own views, opinions and prejudices to cloud your judgement. You see, it's like you're actually playing the role of a real judge this Friday. And so, you need to be as impartial and as objective as possible. You've got a decision to make. Do it to the best of your abilities. You really are setting an example for others to follow!


This Friday you may feel as though you're not moving as freely as you once were. And if you look closely, you should see that there's a chain holding you back - restricting you from going in the direction that you desire. That's the bad news. The good news is that you're more than able to break free. All you have to do is to appreciate the milestone that you have reached today. A decision is required of you - a decision to step up to the next level. Get ready to commit to your future and you'll discover true liberation!


For quite a few of you, something could be about to take place that feels rather like the rug being pulled out from under you. It's one of those instances when you simply took your eye off the ball for but a second - and that's all it took. So, be alert this Friday. Don't let yourself get distracted. If you ask me, you're taking on far, far too much work right now. Remember, it doesn't have to fall on your shoulders alone!


It's as though you're starting to feel the pace this Friday. More than a few of you will simply not want to join in with the gang. But this is one instance when you should resist going it alone. Trust me, you'll feel better with people who know you and love you. You might say that there's comfort, not just safety, in numbers. You really do belong and as such you should allow yourself to participate - fully!


This is a day for keeping your own counsel. Asking others for advice or for their opinions will only lead to you scratching your head - in confusion. You do know your own mind - you just need to give yourself a chance to tune out all the noise and distractions. A choice stands before you - a choice that won't go away or make itself. This is a day to show that you know when it's time to jump down off that fence!


This Friday you have the power to affect another's life - for the better. I have this vision of you reaching out in a gesture of good faith and goodwill. Don't get caught up in a mental debate as to whose turn it is. Sometimes trying to maintain balanced scales is a distraction too far. Focus on what's in your heart - it's what matters right now. Dare to reach out to you know who. It's for the best - for you both!


There's good news coming your way. Something that you have been working toward will soon be yours. And while I feel that you should be jumping up for joy, I cannot help but sense that you're more than a little reserved. Perhaps it's that you are mourning the loss of that project or situation in your life. Well, don't just sit there. Idle hands need to be given some work. Commit to a new endeavour - pronto!


There's going to be a lot of movement coming up for you this Friday - and boy oh boy do I mean a lot. So, prepare yourself. Fingers crossed you got a good night's sleep last night because you'll need to hit the ground running. Play it safe and make the espresso a double. You're about to start something new. And you'll have to commit to seeing it through - all the way. You might say that you're about to run a marathon of sorts!


This Friday you should consider to whom you are being most loyal right now. And if that sounds like I don't believe that it's to you, then you'd be right. You see, I sense that you're putting someone else ahead of yourself and that it's not going to be appreciated - nor will it lead to what you desire. Don't get upset; do start to take precautions. There's nothing to be gained by going out even further on that limb!

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