Monday 15 September 2014

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Monday 15 September 2014


Your financial circumstances will take centre stage. And so, you should get the jump on it by doing something of an audit as to where you stand regarding your accounts and budget. More money could be yours - but you shouldn't sit back and expect a windfall. How nice it would be if your fairy godmother would just wave her wand. And while that won't exactly be happening, I do sense that if you show willing, life will be prepared to meet you halfway, if you know what I mean!


You're likely going to be put in the middle of a struggle today. And at least two people could be pulling you in different directions. Each of them will expect you to form an allegiance with them. But choosing sides would be a mistake - as in a huge one. So do whatever it takes to maintain your neutrality - at all costs. Don't be bullied or allow anyone to play the emotional card. It's more important simply to let them get on with it - by themselves!


It could be a rather tricky day when it comes to making plans or arrangements. This is going to be especially true when it comes to travel. So, don't be too set on one particular outcome. You see, those of you who can be flexible will be the ones who succeed. Life isn't fighting you - nor is it sending you any signs or signals - other than a firm nudge in the direction of being willing to go on a detour. Sometimes - as in now - you just have to let things pan out as they will - without any influence whatsoever!


You recently drew a line in the sand. According to what I'm sensing, you uttered the words never again. But how quickly one can weaken. You seem to be about to give in and yield. But backtracking could see you lose more than just face. Think long and hard about being the first to blink. You may well be setting a precedent - for better or for worse. That bit is up to you and you alone!


You seem to be in a hurry this Monday. But you shouldn't rush the start of this week. Instead, sit back and let it all kick off - as and when - it will. Applying influence (read: pressure) could backfire and you could likely hear you know who accuse you of meddling. Relax - there are no deadlines. There are more important things to do right now. Remember what they say about enjoying the journey - and not focusing exclusively on arriving at the destination!


It would be a mistake to focus on substance over style this Monday. How things look is actually just as important as how they work. Being practical might seem to be your priority, but that's something of a trap - from what I'm sensing. Remember, appearances really do matter. Think about the image that you're creating in what you do and how you're coming across. Trust me, this is one instance when you really do need to consider the opinions of everyone else!


It would be better to tow the company line today. Trying to buck the trend or giving in to any rebellious energy you feel could see you being sidelined by those in positions of authority. Play it safe today. Avoid going out on any limbs. Trust me, there's far less danger in sticking with the pack. The dynamics of the situation you're in have yet to become settled - much less clear. So, what I'm driving at is that this is simply not a day for any sudden moves!


A certain someone is most definitely guilty of sending you mixed signals. It's no wonder that you're confused. But you deserve to know where you stand and what's going on. So, get in there and assert your rights. Lay your cards out on the table and demand the same in return. You know what you think and what you feel. And by all means, you deserve to know the same. Just make sure that you're being as honest as you're asking for. It's got to be 50-50 - or no dice!


An opportunity of sorts will come your way at the office right about now. And you'll have to make a decision about it pronto. There will be no time to delay. Weighing up your options will be something that you have to do on the spot. So, think about what you want before it all kicks off. The main thing to realise is that more is going to be required of you than it seems at the moment. If you're still keen, then by all means sign on that dotted line!


Now is not the time to take on any new projects. Instead, you should focus on what you've already got on the go. Don't worry as you will finish them in due course. Try to appreciate that you're being led in a definite direction. Things are not happening by chance. Try to look for clues in where you've been and what you've done of late. The pieces of the puzzle are there for you to put together!


You are going to find yourself being put under considerable pressure today. But I'm not so sure that anyone else is doing this to you - the source is more likely to be closer to home - as in look in the mirror. The main thing is that you shouldn't do too much to please other people. Doing so could see you biting off more than you can chew. It's not about being selfish as much as it's about being true to yourself!


You've been waiting for some news according to what I'm sensing. But details have been thin on the ground. And the good news is that you won't have to wait much longer. The bad news - if you can call it that - is that you can expect to have to grab the reins. That's right, once again you'll have to take the lead. As if you didn't think that this would happen in the end. Look at it from this perspective - you'll get to do it your way!

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