Wednesday 27 May 2015

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Wednesday 27 May 2015


You seem to be spending a lot of time and energy on everyone else. But I sense that you and your life are the ones paying the price. If you ask me, you could do with being a bit more selfish than you have been. Yes, you can indeed give too much. Remember that if you short-change yourself, then everyone else will get shortchanged as well. If you won't do it for yourself, then do it for them!


I'm not sure that you're appreciating what's needed in the situation you're in at the moment. Believe you me, more of the same will simply not do you any good. So, start thinking about how you can turn over a new leaf. A different approach is required. If in doubt, find someone - whom you can trust - and seek their expert opinion. Then, of course, whether you heed their wisdom will be up to you!


Time is marching on. And before you know it, you could discover that you're out of time, so to speak. As such, start thinking about which of your current endeavours is lagging behind. You'll have an opportunity to get caught up today. But you'll have to delegate. That's right, your secret weapon is remembering that you don't have to do it all yourself!


Learning may not sound all that exciting right now. But it's what's coming your way. That's right, you're about to return to the classroom of life. And what's on offer is a lesson in how others see the world around them. You see, if you appreciate that, then you can get them to do what you want. You just have to know how to pitch it to them!


Someone is about to offer you precisely what you have been wanting and waiting for. That's right, for so many of you, your dreams are about to be handed to you on a silver platter, figuratively speaking of course. So, start thinking about what you'll do when you get your wish. Believe you me, it will happen - and sooner than you think!


What's on offer today will seem simple. And while it may be straightforward to envision, I sense that it will be a test of your will, character and determination. Now, I'm not trying to discourage you. If you ask me, you could do with pushing yourself to your limit. It's high time that you rediscovered just how far you're prepared to go for that dream of yours!


There are so many things that you could say. Indeed, many people would err on this side of obsequiousness if they were in your shoes. But I sense that you would be wiser to simply tell it like it is. Laying it out just as you see it will earn you the respect of those who are bored with so-called yes-men. Go ahead and point out that there's a pink elephant in the room that no-one else is acknowledging!


You really should be paying close attention to the task in hand this Wednesday. But I sense that your past is distracting you. My advice would be to consider what about it you can change. The answer, of course, is nothing. So then, ask yourself whether it merits risking a slip-up in the here and now. Well, that's an answer I'll let you ponder for yourself!


You need to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. That's right, get to the bottom of your motivation. I don't sense that it's about you right now. You see, according to what I intuit, you're allowing yourself to be influenced in ways that may not be in your true best interests. Step back and give it some serious thought. A correction of sorts could be in order!


It's a day when you should allow yourself to have a bit more fun in your daily routine. Of course, it's important to do the job at hand to the best of your abilities. But it's also important to remember that it's not got to be all work, work, work. Let your hair down. We both know what happens when you don't allow yourself sufficient time to play!


Today you need to start thinking more about what you want to do with your time. You see, you are more a master of your diary than you seem to appreciate. You can find the time - if you really want to. Remember, it's all give and take. If you want to take more, then something else is going to have to give. It's actually quite simple!


It's a day to pay very close attention to how you feel. You see, whether you appreciate it or not, you're revealing what's in your heart. Well, it's rather that it's written all over your face. So, don't think that you can fool anyone. My advice would be to be more outspoken and up front. That way no-one can accuse you of sending mixed signals!

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