Tuesday 4 August 2015

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Tuesday 4 August 2015


You're leading the way - again - this Tuesday. But you need to appreciate that it's not possible to turn your back on where you've been. So, make sure that you're paying respect where it's due. By embracing what's new and improved, it would be easy to interpret that the past is merely old and useless. Be sure to take steps to send a more positive message!


It should be starting to become clear that you're going to have to compromise this Tuesday. But giving in doesn't mean that you've had to sell out. Just as you have had to find middle ground someone close to you has had to do the same. In other words, don't think for one second that it's only you who feels that they didn't exactly get what they bargained for!


You're certainly set on that course of action. Well, it's good to know what you want to do and to be able to commit to making it happen. And there's nothing that I want to do that could be seen as discouraging you. But I do want to encourage you to make sure that you're not about to add to your workload. Remember, the goal is to make life easier - not more difficult!


Change is good. And the passion and the courage that you have toward it is commendable as it is rare. But I cannot help but feel that you're a bit too eager to throw out the old. Make sure that you're not trying to run away from your present, much less your past. Instead, do what you have to do to ensure that you're merely moving toward that dream of yours!


Advice will be all around you right now. Yes, if you ask, then just about every person you meet today will be ready, willing and able to plan the next chapter of your life. But I feel that this is a good time for you to step back and unplug from the situation. Allow yourself to find your own way toward the true and authentic you!


It would be easy to attribute the underlying reason for what you have been doing of late to someone else. Indeed, you may even want to say that it's all down to them. But in doing so, you would be shirking a very important responsibility. It's time for you to admit and even confront your own role in that situation. Stand tall and be strong. You're ready!


It's going to be a day when you are shown what is possible. It's like someone will hand you the catalogue of life and will say, pick out what you want. But whether it's all really on offer is far from clear. In fact, if you ask me, I would say that you should ensure that you're not being blinded by all these shiny baubles. Proceed slowly - in full possession of your wits!


Today isn't so much about what you know as it is about who you know. And so, start thinking less about hitting the books or learning anything new and more about to whom you could be reaching out. There's an auspicious partnership that you could and should be forming. But it all starts with that network of yours!


You can keep doing research about something only so long. But at some point, you need to try your own hand at it. Make sure that you're not avoiding having a go yourself. If you ask me, you could do with getting first-hand experience. So, broaden your horizons. You won't be a novice for long. In fact, according to what I'm sensing, you're about to find your new niche!


You've got something new under way. And according to what I'm sensing, it is panning out pretty well. But that doesn't mean that you can take your eye off the ball. Forming a habit takes time and determination as well as tenacity. So, let's see what you can do when you really get your teeth into something. Remember, it's got to become second nature!


Sometimes it's best to spend some time connecting with the true status quo. And so, don't worry about putting a positive gloss on it all. Just see it as it is. And once you've acknowledged it and even made peace with it, then consider where you want to go from here. You see, you need to be able to move on without strings attached!


Listen to what that little voice inside of you is saying this Tuesday. You see, I sense that you're about to be nudged in the direction of doing a good deed. And you should follow through. What you may not appreciate is the difference you're about to make in someone else's life. Don't underestimate what you can do - when you connect with your heart!

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