Wednesday 23 July 2014

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Wednesday 23 July 2014


It's a time when it's all about simplicity. That's right, you are being encouraged to look at life - every corner and every situation - for what is unnecessary. In other words, heed this call to clear the clutter. Identify that which is superfluous and cut it free. This is one of those instances when less really is more. Focus on what takes up your time. It really is a precious resource - that once gone is gone forever and ever. Commit to being far more selective with how you spend your days!


It's likely going to feel as though you've been caught up in a time warp this Wednesday. That's right, you may feel like you've stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone. But you're not losing your mind; you're simply being encouraged to remember how things were. Like it or not, your past is about to return to your present. For many of you, it could come with quite a bang. So, brace yourself and be ready to reminisce and trade war stories. From what I'm sensing, it's all about you needing to be reminded of something important you once accomplished - something that you were too quick to forget all about!


This Wednesday you will find yourself in a position to help someone who is clearly in need. And while I can sense that you are more than a little busy, to say the least, you really should take the time to lend a hand. Trust me, your assistance could prove far, far more valuable than you could ever imagine. Don't minimise the contribution your abilities, skills, talents and experience could bring to bear on what this would-be neophyte has undertaken. Assume the role of mentor. It's one that suits you. Give of yourself generously!


You may find yourself having to leave the gang behind this Wednesday. That's right, you're going to see, appreciate, realise and perceive that which no-one else will. And no, it's not you who isn't seeing clearly. It's rather yet another example of you being one step ahead of the crowd. Holding yourself back will only lead to you experiencing frustration and possibly even resentment. So, free yourself. Get up and get going. The sooner you go out on that limb the sooner you'll come to know that your success was a foregone conclusion all along!


I'll resist the temptation to characterise this coming Wednesday as a day when you simply have to grin and bear it. But I will say that you may want to strap on your armour and prepare to go through the motions of something that you would rather not. Hey, being a grown-up isn't always fun - it's not like we always get to say what we will and won't do. So, do the mature thing by taking the high road and honouring your responsibilities. After all, when you give your word - it's as good as gold - solid gold!


It's time to consider what you really should be doing for yourself. And by this, I mean you should be looking at what you can do in terms of your daily routine that would improve your health and overall sense of well-being. It's not that I sense anything bad is on its way. But you do need to start paying more attention to what you need - physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Don't delay. YOU should be your top priority. Make that investment in yourself; you are worth it!


This is a day for you to speak up and express yourself. The light is green; you have the floor. So, don't let this opportunity pass you by to get off your chest what you have been bottling up for too long. There's a part of you that seems to want to make tracks. It's like you recognise that you could be doing more - if you were doing it over there as opposed to where you are now. So, do something about it. And a first step would be to address that elephant in the room - you're desire to make a move. Come on, admit it - out in the open!


It would be nice if someone would swoop in and take care of that business for you. But alas, that's simply not going to happen. Like it or not, it's going to have to be you who steps up to clean up that mess. Is it fair? Do you deserve this? In both instances, probably not. Still, you're good at what you do. And when you turn your hand to something, there's never a doubt as to the quality - not to mention style. Focus more on taking pride in the job that is before you - everything else is but a mere distraction!


You're going to be in the mood to get there first today. And I feel sorry for anyone who gets in your way. That's right, you'll be in something of a take-no-prisoners frame of mind. And while I applaud your energy, your enthusiasm and your initiative, I do want to caution you against biting off more than you can chew. Additionally, you'd be wise to remember that you won't be able to do it all by your lonesome. You'll need help here and there - along the way. So, keep your supporters, allies and general fans as close as you can!


There's so much that you could and even should say today. But I want to encourage you to keep your messages as positive and as upbeat as possible. There's a lot that hasn't been pointed out that really should have been. So, it's up to you to celebrate what has gone right of late. Accentuate optimism. Believe you me, there's been far too much bad news recently. Spread the good word as much as you can. Don't underestimate the healing effect that your communication can bring about right now!


You are about to reach and then cross a finish line that you have had your sights set on for quite a long time. That's right, you'll be drawing a line under a project that has caused you to burn the midnight oil on more than one occasion. And there's nothing to be gained by keeping it all under your hat. You will have done something big - worthwhile - something that others tried and failed at. My advice is to make noise about it. In short, feel free to blow your trumpet and shout your accomplishment from the rooftops!


Watch yourself this Wednesday. You should be on the lookout for what you might be doing to yourself - inadvertently. Don't let this be one of those instances when trying to help you end up accidentally making matters worse. Shooting yourself in the foot right now - figuratively speaking of course - would not be a good thing - not by a long shot. So, slow down and ease up. Go forth solely and exclusively on what you know to be true - not on what you believe to be true. There is a difference. Being able to perceive it will save you a lot of bother!

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