Friday 29 August 2014

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Friday 29 August 2014


Today is going to be one of those days when you're simply going to have to put on something of a show. That's right, you will find yourself in situation after situation in which people will be asking you questions the answers to which won't really interest them. And yet, I don't feel that this will be a bad day. Instead, it's one in which you simply need to go through the motions - taking care of yourself as you go. If you ask me, it's one of those days when you should observe more than you participate. Watch and learn!


This Friday you could find yourself staring at something of a closed door. In fact, it could feel rather cold - as though someone else has shut that door - in your face. But is that how it really is? I'm not so sure. You see, you're a sensitive wee soul and as such there are times when you read too much into things. And this is quite likely one such instance. If you ask me, you're where you are to show to yourself - and to the world - that you can open your own doors and then walk through all on your own. Be empowered - be self-reliant!


This Friday you may find yourself tightening your grip. It's as though you are - consciously or otherwise - trying to maintain your control on one particular situation. But is this the best strategy? Ask yourself whether more of the same is what you really want. Weren't you just saying the other day that you wanted more excitement - more passion? Well, such desires don't come neatly mapped out. You are going to have to be willing for things to go a bit crazy - a bit chaotic. Trust me, the more faith that you show in yourself to handle whatever comes your way the more likely you are to get the changes (read: improvement) you have been praying for!


It's the end of the week and that theme of endings will likely be quite prominent. In fact, I sense that you could find yourself having to deal with suddenly saying a good-bye that you hadn't anticipated. But just because it catches you by surprise shouldn't be taken as an automatic sign that it's not for the best. You see, life goes on - every good-bye is followed by a hello. Exits precede entrances. What you're witnessing is the ebb and flow of life. Be in awe; be excited about what is just around the corner - but don't you dare be scared. The best is yet to come!


When I look at your sign today, I get this image of people waving at you. It's as though you are part of something of a send-off. Whether it's for you or by you, I sense that this is very significant as it's the universe's way of getting you to see the importance of family, friends and loved ones in your life. Don't be afraid of distance. Just because you're not physically by someone else's side doesn't mean that the bond you share will weaken or that a gap will form between you. Trust me, that old song is right - Love will keep you together!


Don't assume that you're not one of the gang this Friday. You see, I look at you and I see roots. It's as though you are firmly rooted in the situation - the environment - the location that you're in right now. And yet, I don't sense that you appreciate all the advantages that this affords you. Being part of the so-called establishment can be a good thing. So, don't let yourself resist or rebel. Trust me, it's a day when there's safety in numbers. Flying solo in this instance will only lead to you having to do far, far more than your fair share!


Connecting and perceiving the wisdom deep within your soul is one thing. Actually heeding the advice that it's giving you is something else altogether. You know what you should do and now you just have to get on with doing it. The more carefree you can be today the better. Don't worry about how things will work out. Instead, simply trust that they will indeed work out. The more you focus on today the more likely tomorrow will sort itself out - as if by magic!


This Friday you should read the signs that the universe is sending you. Most likely, situations will stall or even come to a standstill. Plans that you have made will have to be altered - if not actually cancelled. To be sure, obstacles are going to be coming your way thick and fast. But I encourage you to resist the temptation you'll have to overcome them. Instead, it's again all about reading the signs. You see, you need a break from your routine. Take this opportunity to shake things up - it's heaven-sent!


Things could get emotional this Friday. In fact, it's likely that you'll be up one minute and down the next. But worry not, as you'll soon be up again. It's the roller-coaster nature of the day that could really get to you. The thing is that you shouldn't allow it to affect the decisions that you have recently made. In other words, don't change your plans - don't doubt yourself or reconsider your strategy. Simply push on through. Think of what you're going through as a test. Show your ability to ride the storm!


Things are going to get rather hectic this Friday. And for many of you, it could seem like you're surrounded by a bunch of headless chickens running hither and thither - without purpose or reason. To be sure, it would be easy to get swept up in it all. But you should resist this temptation. Instead, see that this is your chance to kick back for a bit. The pressure is off. Your competition and rivals are distracted. Weigh up the considerations regarding your next move - so that you can make it next week - sharpish!


What's it going to be? That's a question that you should be asking yourself this Friday. You see, you've been given a green light. That's right, you're going to get the go-ahead for something that you have been wanting to do. Or, at least, you have been saying that you wanted to do this. So, here's your chance. And yet, I'm sensing that you're suddenly not as keen. If you ask me, you should be chomping at the bit. Trust me, this is your now-or-never moment. The conditions couldn't be more auspicious. Go for it!


It will likely seem that everyone is pulling at you. It's as though you have what they want - and it's what they want now. But you mustn't let it get to you so. That's right, you need to see that instead of being in the hot seat, you're actually in the driver's seat. You have far more power than you're giving yourself credit for. You have the ability to solve some long-standing problems. Don't dilly-dally as the iron is hot, hot, hot. Strike!

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