Tuesday 1 December 2015

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Tuesday 1 December 2015


This is not a day to go off half-cocked. Things aren't quite what they seem. So, you should reserve judgement until all the proverbial cards are on the table. In fact, you would benefit from wearing your poker face this Tuesday. Give nothing away. Trust me, making sure that you're not the first to blink will pay off. Just keep reminding yourself that in this instance it's a game - only a game!


It's a day when you should focus more on who is around you rather than on what is happening. Trust me, the people are far more important right now. They each come with private agendas - agendas that you need to understand. I'm not suggesting that there's a conspiracy afoot. It's rather that the key to success lies in appreciating everyone's unique and personal motivation. Keep your ears as well as your eyes open - wide open!


I have this vision of hands reaching out to you today. It's as though more than one person will be asking for assistance or favours from you. And while you would never want to turn your back on anyone, you must make sure that you're not taking your eye off the ball, so to speak. Don't forget that you're involved in some rather dynamic environments, shall we say. Those sands are ever shifting. So, don't let yourself get distracted for longer than you can handle!


The situation you're in demands that you take action. Sitting on the sidelines just isn't an option any longer. Now, as this is life, there are no guarantees. So, what you do next is going to involve taking a risk. Do your best to quantify what's at stake and how it could all play out. But know that at a certain point, you will have to roll those dice. Just don't let it become too serious and heavy-duty; there's still fun to be had!


You're going to be full of enthusiasm this Tuesday. In fact, I sense that many of you will simply be chomping at the bit to get something you've been thinking about and toying with under way. Now it would be easy for you to get so swept up in the moment that you forget that there's anyone else around you. But you're not alone in this adventure. In other words, don't forget to take your very loyal sidekick with you!


You seem to be somewhat passive this Tuesday. It's like you're looking around yourself, surveying the landscape as though the way things are is how they are going to be. I have to say that it presupposes that you're powerless or have little influence to bring to bear. But you mustn't engage with any such victim-like consciousness. Go ahead and acknowledge the status quo. But then, commit to re-shaping it to what you want. Don't ever forget that you are the master of your fate!


It would be easy to engage in a lot of talking this Tuesday. What you have to say is important to you. And you'll be set to take it from the top - once again with feeling. But take a long, hard look at your audience. Are you speaking their language? Is your message really getting through to them? I fear that you could be sticking to your script a bit too religiously. Remember, the main thing is that you are heard. So, if you need to go off-piste to accomplish that goal, then by all means be prepared to do so!


You're at a very delicate point in terms of a certain relationship. And as such, any sudden moves are probably not advisable. Take things slowly. Talk about what you're feeling. Trust me, this is a time for communication. Reveal what's on your mind and in your heart. You really must remember that you're building something to last and holding anything back at this point could undermine that very goal!


This is a time to get yourself organised. You have set yourself a goal and not achieving it is simply not an option. That's right, you have something to prove to yourself. It's not about leading other people or encouraging them to be all that they can be. Today you need to focus your sights a bit closer to home. Look in the mirror and give that advice that you give so well. Trust me, your pep talks are tantamount to rocket fuel!


There's someone close to you who is prepared to call the shots. In other words, if you were to hand over the reins, they would have no problem driving your life forward in addition to their own. But this is your life. And while it may be tempting at times to take a back seat, you simply cannot abdicate in that way. It's time to reassert yourself. Stand tall. As soon as you take back control, I sense that you'll be off in a new and prosperous direction - just like that!


This isn't a time to over-think things in your life. And while you may feel most comfortable weighing up your options and considering things from every angle possible, I sense that you're better off just choosing one way forward and setting off. That's right, having made a decision right now is more important than it being the right decision. Now if you need a little nudge, let me suggest that you do not do what you've done in the past. After all, more of the same isn't what you're really after!


Today you are likely to find yourself amongst like-minded people. And while this may give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, you should soon begin to appreciate that you could become just another face in the crowd. So, after you have taken a moment to connect with the atmosphere, start considering how you can set yourself apart. You should decide on a strategy to soar above. Despite how it might look, diversity will be celebrated. Reward yourself by revealing your true colours!

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