Saturday 1 November 2014

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Saturday 1 / Sunday 2 November 2014


You'll be like a child in a sweet shop this weekend. All that is on offer will certainly be dazzling you. But you shouldn't let your eyes become bigger than your stomach. You see, all that glitters, as they say, isn't gold. Take it slowly and proceed with the tried and tested. So, it's all about baby steps right now. What I'm getting at is that it would be too easy to get fobbed off with a shiny bauble!


You're going to be taking a break from your routine this weekend. It's well-deserved and it's well-timed. As such, you shouldn't waste this opportunity to step back and assess. You see, this is when you should take stock of a long-term project. Don't just go with the flow. You need to do what's right for you and what works for you - in the here and now. What I'm getting at is that you should be proceeding consciously and not sleepwalking. Make that coffee a double espresso!


You may find yourself not wanting to make a decision this weekend. But holding on to the status quo is not how you grow. You need to roll those dice of life and see how they come up. Playing it so safely won't lead you to where you want to be. To be sure, there are no guarantees. All you can do is have faith in yourself and grab the gusto of what's on offer. Keep moving and you really will keep advancing!


You're about to experience something of a victory in your life. That's right, I have this strong sense that you're about to win. And you'll find yourself in new and exciting situations before you know it. You see, this good fortune is poised to propel you to where you should be going next. You see, it's soon going to be time to move into uncharted territory. Take this as your cue to say good-bye to your comfort zone. It's right - it's time!


You'll find yourself surrounded by that which is established - if not old - this weekend. And you've got to decide whether it feels right for you. Such environments aren't for everyone. Alas, it's a call that you have to make for yourself. Get ready to do some soul searching. It is likely to get rather heavy-duty. But that's no excuse - it still has to be done. Push on through and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel by Sunday!


This weekend you'll find yourself being tested. And I have to say that the scene will be more than a little familiar. It will feature you facing an old temptation. But you must be strong. Don't allow yourself to slide down a slippery slope. You see, it's all about you showing that you can be loyal to yourself when push comes to shove. Taking the easy way out right now will lead to you kicking yourself come Monday!


You'll likely find yourself in something of a celebratory mood this weekend. And you should go with that feeling and get together with those whom you've lost touch with recently. Reconnect and re-establish ties. It doesn't matter what happened way back when. All that is important is that you're moving forward as one once more. Good times should be shared - as is the case with good news. And on both accounts, you've got plenty on the way!


You're going to find yourself in a very inquisitive frame of mind this weekend. And you'll likely spend the next couple of days going over things and replaying scenes in your head. But I'm here to tell you that you could well be wasting your time. You see, the full story isn't out there - no matter how hard you look or where you look. Instead, this is when you should be concentrating on how you feel. What you need to discover will be uncovered through your own powers of intuitive perception!


It's going to be a weekend when you have an opportunity to discover just how powerful you are. You have more than enough love and support. Use it as a springboard. Surge forward on projects that you've been contemplating but have kept on the back burner. This is your perfect moment to connect with what could be and bring it down to earth so that it's something that will be!


Love is certainly going to be in the air. I'm sensing that this weekend many of you will discover a new aspect to a connection you share with someone in your life. It seems that you've not known them as well as you may have thought. To be sure, there's more to them than meets the eye. Well, don't just sit there - take things to the next level. It's all good - so grab what the future offers - with both hands!


This weekend you're going to appreciate that life isn't happening by chance or coincidence. You're ending up where you are for a very good reason. You've got something to teach and those who will soon be coming to you have so much to learn. Believe it or not, you're moving into something akin to more of a full-time mentoring role. And you'll be spectacular at it. It's all about sharing your experiences and wisdom!


There's magic in the air. More than just a few things are likely to happen in such a way that cannot be explained by Newtonian physics. So, stop trying to look behind the curtain. Behold what is taking place and try to sense the significance of it. Here's a hint - it's got to do with authority. Those who tell you what to do aren't really the ones pulling the strings in your life. Here's another hint - look openly and lovingly at the person in the mirror!

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