Monday 21 April 2014

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Monday 21 April 2014


There's no reason that you cannot get your way this Monday. Having said that, you shouldn't assume that you'll be able to convince all and sundry that your way is the best way. What I'm getting at is that a choice will have to be made - a choice made by you - as to whether you want to hang out with the group or go it solo for a while. Yes, it may well come to that!


You certainly have some good ideas. And while you're definitely on to something big, I wouldn't be too quick to reveal my plans. You see, you're going to need some time to let what's going through your mind percolate and evolve. It would be a real shame to put yourself in the position of having to defend something that still has too many rough edges. All in good time!


Things are certainly going to be said this Monday. And while it would be nice to say that you'll agree and even like every word spoken, that's simply not going to be the case. So, you need to brace yourself. Get those shields up. But don't be too quick to assume that you know who doesn't have a point. In short, don't let your ego get the better of you. Easy does it!


It would be easy to assert yourself a wee bit too forcefully. Of course, you can and should argue your corner. But don't forget that you're part of a partnership. And that means that you know who has their own take on what's taking place. And while you may feel that there's no better way forward, I sense that if you ask, what they have to suggest could surprise you!


You're going to be taking on a lot today. And while you're more than capable of doing whatever you set your mind to, I cannot help but wonder why you're so keen to do it all yourself. There's no-one forcing you to do so. If you're feeling put upon, look no further than the person in the mirror. I'm not trying to beat up on you; I just want to remind you that you have the power to say no now and again!


A decision is soon going to be required of you. But you can relax - for today at least - as you're not quite ready to make that call. There are still considerations to be weighed up. And if you ask me, you're going to face the classic tug of war between your heart and your head. Well, let me short-cut this one for you - opt for what your heart wants. It's got your back in this instance!


There's much to be done. And while you may not be in the mood for jumping to it, I would encourage you to make sure that you've at least handled all that is urgent. You see, it would be very easy for you to let something slide - something that - as far as you're concerned - couldn't be less pressing. Well, remember that you know who may have another agenda. Don't set yourself up for a showdown when one's so easily avoided!


You're likely going to feel the pull of different people wanting different things from you. And unless you're prepared to set some boundaries - and to set them out clearly from the outset - a meltdown could be on the cards. So, articulate what you've got on your plate already and when you're truly going to be able to deliver. In short, expectations need to be managed aggressively!


This Monday you're going to have something of a break. You see, the usual routine won't be forced upon you. That's right, your daily grind will be more of the optional variety. And I encourage you to consider how you can shake things up. There's nothing to be gained by carrying on as you have been when you crave change. Believe you me, this is your opportunity to take a detour!


Don't let yourself get involved in someone else's drama this Monday. You see, two people close to you are engaging in conflict - one that isn't that far from all out war. And believe you me, when I tell you that they would love nothing more than to have you join in and pick one side over the other. Well, you know what will happen if you do. My advice is to sit back and play the neutrality card!


You're making assumptions right now. And that's not good because you're not clear on what's motivating you know who. So, sit down and begin discussion. In fact, I would encourage you to be as formal as you can. You need to ensure that you remain in as strong a position as you have been. Some fancy negotiating may be in order. Stay alert and be ready to read between the lines!


You may find yourself out of your comfort zone. And this may mean that you aren't quite as good a judge of what's going on as you normally are. As such, you shouldn't let yourself get dazzled and bamboozled by all the shiny baubles around. Take your time and seek the advice of someone in whom you trust and who has known you for a long time. Seek second opinions all round!

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