Tuesday 13 October 2015

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Tuesday 13 October 2015


You are likely going to find yourself coming face to face with an authority figure this Tuesday. And what they have to say could ruffle a feather or two. But before you allow yourself to get worked up, consider whether it really is such a big deal. I sense that in the grander scheme of things, this is but a mere bump in the road. My advice would be to roll with it!


You should pay very close attention to what you're hearing this Tuesday. I sense that you could experience something of a calling - the sort that comes from within. So, listen up when that little voice deep inside of you starts talking to you. Where it's leading you is somewhere you need to go - even if it might not be that comfortable. If you push yourself to broaden your horizons, you will be celebrating soon enough!


You've got a very tight grip on that situation. To be honest, I sense that you could be trying to control it a wee bit more than you appreciate. Ease up. You've set the scene. You've laid it all out as it should be. But now it's time to step back and let it play out as it will. Have faith that even if it turns out in an unexpected way, it could still turn out well. Trust me, you're better off on the sidelines right now!


You may be headed for some self-questioning this Tuesday. And you will discover that people who were doing what you're doing have opted for another path. Well, don't assume that what is right for them is right for you. Going off on a frolic at this point could see you having to start all over again. You're where you need to be. Doubting yourself or second-guessing your decisions will only lead to trouble. Trust in yourself; you've not made a mistake!


You seem to be in a rather independent frame of mind this Tuesday. And I feel that you may not be all that interested in hearing what other people have to say. But believe you me, tuning them out could be rather costly. You see, I sense that advice - sound advice - is being offered. Listen up. Those who have been there have experience on their side. There's nothing to be gained by making mistakes that could have been avoided!


Things are going to be up in the air this Tuesday. And you certainly have your work cut out for you in making sure that the balls you're juggling don't fall back to earth. No decisions are required right now. Don't let anyone try to force your hand. Give yourself all the time you need. Believe it or not, this is one day when the path of procrastination could be your best strategy!


You shouldn't underestimate the contribution that you're going to be making as this week progresses. It might feel at times like you have thrown yourself in at the deep end - and in many ways you have. But before you think that it's just what everyone else would do, I'm here to tell you that simply isn't the case. You really are going above and beyond the call of duty. I take my hat off to you and applaud your actions!


It would be nice if you know who would listen to you. Now of course I appreciate the advice you are offering is tried and tested. But I also appreciate that if someone refuses to take such wisdom on board, then there's precious little you can do. It seems to me that they are just going to have to graduate from the school of hard-knocks all by themselves. Well, you can't say that you didn't try. Perhaps you should just let them get on with it!


Emotions could be riding high this Tuesday. And that's just what you need. Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow its lead. I sense that you're being called to carry on - with love. So, don't throw in the towel when it comes to that relationship. Remember, after rain comes sun. It's going to work out. When it comes to romance, a new chapter is about to begin - and I'm sensing that it could well be nothing short of beautiful!


Step back and look around you. The opportunity to make more money is right in front of you. And no, you don't need a different job. You don't even have to go back to school. You simply have to identify what's needed but hasn't yet been done. Keep it practical and grounded. Here's a hint - someone close to you started down this path but they got diverted, distracted and derailed. You could do worse than to pick up where they left off!


You won't be able to get away with anything this Tuesday - so don't even try. What I mean is that the people you will be talking to will be expecting concrete results. Be as direct, as straight and as frank as you can be. If you tell it like it is - in your own language, I sense that they will be ready to bend over backwards to support you. Remember, if you don't ask, then you don't get!


It's a day to take stock when it comes to a certain relationship in your life. It's not about wondering whether you and they should be together. It's rather a point where you should be asking yourself where you want it to be headed. A change of direction is due, to be sure. Make it the kind of change you've been waiting for. You have a role to play in what happens next. Make yourself heard!

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“I want you to have validation for your wonderful gifts. You of course are dead on and right about the names you gave me. They are actual names of the people involved. Wow! With love and gratitude for all you do,” DB

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