Friday 24 October 2014

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Friday 24 October 2014


Romance is moving into the spotlight of your life. And I'm sensing that the temperature could be rising inside - even though it's starting to get colder outside. Cupid is in town and doing his utmost to get you and a certain someone closer. If you're open to it, then relax and let it happen - by not working so hard. After all, you know what you turn into when you haven't allowed yourself to play enough!


There is some fine-tuning to be done this Friday. You see, there are times to consider the big picture. But then there are other times, like today, when it's all about the details. Get out your magnifying glass and re-read any agreements that you're about to enter into. Believe you me, it's far better to catch mistakes at this point than to discover them down the road!


You seem to feel that you need something else to get moving. It's as though you're waiting for someone else to do something on your behalf. But you already have all that you need. You've got the idea and you've got the ability. Now you simply have to ignite that fire within you and start building the momentum. That first step is the hardest - after that it gets easier. Prepare to commit to your future!


You should listen closely to what people have to say to you today. Now, don't get me wrong, you may not exactly want to hear it all. You see, there's some criticism coming your way. But from what I sense, it truly is constructive and as such, you really should take it on board. Don't go all defensive. No-one is attacking you. They simply want to see you improve. And this is the quickest way you can learn!


You'll find yourself in a very familiar situation this Friday. And what you do next should be based on what happened way back when. Now, I'm not saying that you should repeat yourself. Alas, I'm sensing that you made something of a mistake in the past. But this is your opportunity to have another bite at that apple. Learn from what unfolded then and adapt. You can ensure that you're not doomed to relive your history!


You seem to be holding back today. In fact, many of you appear as though you are waiting for others to give your their opinions of what you're about to do before you do it. Well, that's just not on. You should be proving that you can go forward without any external input or anyone else sticking their oar in. Assert yourself today and you'll make yourself proud. Come on, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!


You're moving forward today. And that's good. But you seem to be doing so in a way that could alienate those around you. There's nothing to be gained by leaving your collaborators in the dust. Don't be in such a rush. Take your time. You see, your impatience could harm your prospects more than any minor and inconsequential delays. Share what's on your mind - your dreams and your plans. You will discover that you're in the midst of kindred spirits!


Things could get rather emotional today. But you should steer clear from any kind of confrontation. Discussing any communication issues will only lead to more confusion in the form of additional misunderstandings. So, leave you know who alone and do your own thing. Time and space are all that's required to fix what's going on - and nothing else. Trust me, trying to fix it will only make it worse. Remember, time and space!


You may find yourself feeling more than a little confused this Friday. But the fog you're in is there for a reason. You shouldn't be wondering so much about what's real and what's fake. Instead, you should turn within and ask yourself what it is that you truly want. And if you think that's easily done, then think again. Still, the effort you put in now will pay off huge dividends!


Today you should be ready for a certain someone to surprise you. So when you know who goes right when they should be going left, let them. Don't intervene or try to remind them that they were supposed to do something different. You see, what's really going on is that they are preparing to do something for you. According to what I'm sensing, you should get ready to accept an unexpected gift!


Someone that you lost contact with a long, long time ago is preparing to attempt to re-establish relations with you. And according to what I'm sensing, you could find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief when it happens. That's right, this could be a true shocker. Well, it will be real and you'll have to decide if you want to welcome them back with open arms. If you ask me, you've nothing to lose!


Today the universe is giving you a green light to push ahead with some plans that you have only been contemplating. It's as though you have rounded a very crucial bend. You have far, far, far more support than you could ever imagine. Don't underestimate the heavy-weights in your corner. All you have to do is to take that first step. In other words, all of those ducks are in a row - and they are waiting on you - and your upcoming success!

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