Friday 27 February 2015

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Friday 27 February 2015


You need to commit. There's no point in pretending or trying to fight the path you're on. You know what you want and you are so clearly going to make that move in the end. So, perhaps you should save yourself - along with everyone else - a whole lot of bother. Just say yes and get on with it!


Some things will simply take as long as you will give them. And so, today you should put yourself under a bit more pressure. That's right, you need to give yourself a deadline - and not too far out into the future. If you want something to happen, draw a line in the sand and demand that you yourself create the opportunity for it - pronto!


Okay, so you have got to grips with the big picture. But now you need to drill down and see what the details have to offer you. In other words, you should be rolling up your sleeves and getting into the nitty-gritty. Don't worry, you've not made a mistake. You simply have to move into the minutiae - like it or not!


Advice will be coming your way. And much of what you're told will have to do with where you should be putting your money. Well, listen to them by all means. But don't be so quick to part with your hard-earned cash. Remember, it's easier to lose it than it is to get it in the first place. Know what you're doing and make sure that it's your decision!


Don't overstate your position this Friday. It would be very easy for you to claim that you can do what you cannot. Of course. such words will be music to a certain someone's ears. But believe you me, they won't like it one little bit should you not be able to deliver the goods. Keep both feet firmly rooted in reality!


You are likely to find yourself in something of a rough patch this Friday. But you shouldn't go it alone. Indeed, far too many of you are forgetting right now that you have a partner who is there ready, willing and able to lend you a shoulder, ear or hand - as you require. Don't struggle when you don't have to!


You're about to experience something of a very rich day. That's right, the conditions couldn't be more auspicious for you getting what you want. But you must remember to keep your eye on the prize. Don't assume that it's in the bag - until it actually is. Being overly confident could see you getting pipped at the post!


There are times when you should keep your eyes on your own work. And then, there are times, like today, when surveying what the competition is up to will save you a lot of bother. Don't assume that they are doing what you have been told. They may well have moved on. And that would be a sign that you should adjust your own course accordingly!


It would be easy to overstate a certain someone's contribution to your worries today. But you shouldn't assume that they are focused on undermining you. If you ask me, your fears could be doing you more damage than you appreciate. Keep affirming success every time you feel a doubt coming on. The battle you have to fight is within!


There's going to be so much talk this Friday. And it would be very tempting to relax and let what you hear become what you believe. But I don't sense that this would serve you - not one little bit. Your task is to challenge you know who. Let yourself be a thorn in their side. They won't thank you. But you'll thank yourself when you get the credit for saving the day!


It's time to step back and assess a certain collaborative effort that you have undertaken. And if you're wondering, I would say that you should be grateful that you and you know who have teamed up. Of course, you have your moments but, for the most part, this is a partnership that works for you - and then some!


It's time to pay more attention to your environment. Consider how you have your space arranged. Is it as organised for you as it could be? Do you have what you need within reach? And above all, don't forget that your setting must appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. If in any doubt, embark on some redecoration!

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