Sunday 30 August 2015

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Saturday 29 / Sunday 30 August 2015


This is a weekend to consider how you do what it is that you're doing. It's not so much about a right way versus a wrong way. But swimming with the current right now will make life a whole lot easier. So, don't make the mistake of trying to be so individual that you end up attempting to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes tradition and convention are just what we need!


Emotions are likely to be running high this weekend. And at times it could feel as though you're literally riding a roller-coaster with what's taking place in your heart. Well, don't dismiss it or sweep it under the carpet. You see, what you're going through is important. And the reason that it's happening now is because now you've got the time to process it. Be sure you do just that!


This weekend will see you taking on a lot of work around the house. And according to what I'm sensing, you could feel somewhat put upon at times. But you shouldn't blame those around you. They are handing it all over to you because that's what they sense they should do. It's rather like they are trying to please you - believe it or not. So, if you want something else to happen, you'll have to send that signal - loud and clear!


You are one of the best multi-taskers in the universe. But because of that, you can end up juggling for the sake of it. Don't let yourself carry on doing something just because you're good at it. You'll have an opportunity to say what you want to do this weekend. Speak your mind. No-one will fault you for laying down the law. In fact, I sense that you know who will only be surprised you haven't done it sooner!


It may be the weekend and so no-one would blame you for tuning out of all that is taking place at the office. But that doesn't mean that you should stop thinking about your career. Consider where you want to go and why. You see, I sense that you could have a very valuable opportunity to network over the next couple of days. And according to what I'm sensing, it's an opportunity not to be sniffed at!


This will be a weekend when things start to click more in your life. You see, I have this vision of the wheels of your life starting to turn. So, what has been stuck will seem to suddenly begin to move - as if by magic. Well, it's all down to you being ready to move on. Yes, change is coming. But you have nothing to fear. Trust me, it's all good!


This weekend you shouldn't think about things too much or over-analyse the recent events in your life. In fact, logic and reason should be put on a shelf and collected only on Monday morning. Instead, allow yourself to feel your way forward - with your heart. You're being given an opportunity for new love. Of course, you'll have to allow yourself to be open to all that it has to offer!


This weekend you could find life seeming more than a little strange or mysterious. To be sure, it will all be less certain and sure than it has been of late. But I don't sense that it's anything that should worry you. If you ask me, I feel that you should just carry on regardless - but with full faith in yourself. Accentuating the positive will get you through, come what may!


You may find yourself somewhere where you feel not only uncomfortable but seemingly incapable of leaving. But the thing is that you have so many options open to you. All you have to do is to commit to moving toward the light. Don't let yourself become contaminated with anyone else's negativity. If in doubt, simply take some (read: any) action!


You have been experiencing more than your fair share of ups and downs of late. To be sure, the proverbial sands have been shifting. But this weekend you need to give yourself time and space to find your footing. This is your opportunity to get the lie of the land. If you rest up and drink plenty of water, you should find your balance by Monday morning!


This weekend is all about group activities. So, give yourself plenty of opportunity to connect with other people. If you're reluctant to venture out of the house, force yourself. This is no time to play the role of hermit. There's celebrating to be done. And if you're not sure you have a reason, then make one up. The sooner you reconnect with friends the sooner you'll feel more connected to yourself!


It could feel that someone close to you is trying to challenge your beliefs. But I don't feel that they are judging you. They simply want to understand what you think and where your values lie in the grand scheme of things. So, don't allow yourself to get defensive. Just say it like it is. My intuitive sense is telling me that before the weekend is over you'll have more than one new follower!

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