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Thursday 28 January 2016

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Can intuition can take the place of emotional intelligence? Could intuition even be better than emotional intelligence? Such were two questions recently put to me by a client. I have to say that they got me thinking and I wanted to share them with you.

If you're a regular visitor to my site, then you're undoubtedly no stranger to intuition. Emotional intelligence, however, may be less familiar to you and may need some explanation.

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The essence of emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of one's emotions in daily life. This encompasses what one is feeling - how and why. But it's more than that. To be emotionally intelligent, you take that awareness and you employ and leverage it in your dealings with other people to enhance your relationships.

In many ways, intuition is similar to emotional intelligence. Intuition is certainly a tool that can play a positive role in your dealings with other people. It can also help you to appreciate and understand what you're feeling. And I would say that if you're emotionally intelligent then you're also likely to be quite intuitive - even if you're not conscious of it.

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But could a highly developed sense of intuition actually be better than a highly developed sense of emotional intelligence? Yes, I believe it can be. You see, emotional intelligence presupposes an interaction with another person. To utilise what emotional intelligence has to offer, the other person has to be present - they have to be there so that you can engage - react - respond to them.

However, the true beauty - the real magic of intuition lies in the fact that it's non-local. What that means is that you can benefit from the wisdom of your intuition - to assess situations and people remotely - without them ever having had to be there.

You might say that with emotional intelligence, it takes two to tango. But with intuition, you're good to go - anytime - anywhere - by yourself or with others.

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Indeed, I use my own intuition every day to offer insights to people whom I've never met. And from what my clients have to say, the results can be amazingly accurate.

So, if you're struggling to get where you want to be in terms of your emotional intelligence, don't despair. I would encourage you to step back and give yourself a break to focus on developing your intuition first. Not only is it something that you can do for yourself but what it has to offer won't be limited to emotional intelligence.

Have you ever wanted to be more intuitive? Well, you can be. With my one-on-one tuition, I will personally instruct and guide you to where you want to be. Let's get started today!

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