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Saturday 6 June 2015

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Earlier this week I was contacted by a man who is really struggling in life and is searching for insights, advice and guidance. In this instance, he wasn't ready for a reading or a session. Instead, he simply wanted to share his experience of getting a reading from another medical intuitive he had found on the web.

He summed up his telephone reading in two words: Absolutely horrible!

He explained that this so-called intuitive had simply asked him question after question and seemed to parrot back the information this man had himself said. He got nothing from this reading. Worse than that, he is now left wondering whether all intuitives out there work this way. As if!

If only this man had come to me first!

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Anyone who has ever had a Telephone Reading with me will know that I divide my reading into two sections. The first section is the I tell you section. I begin by having the client say their name and based on the energetic vibration of their voice and the connection I make, I'm off. I get into the client's energy and I tell you - I share what I'm sensing without any questions - without any feedback.

So, in one of my Telephone Readings, there's no opportunity for me to be prompted or given any clues, if you will. Again, it's when I tell you what I'm sensing and seeing in your energy - in your life.


Of course, later in the reading - in the second part - I offer clients time to ask questions and, if they want, to share their background and offer feedback. But I insist that when we begin, it's - you guessed it - I tell you.

Will I ever read for this man? Maybe yes; maybe no. At this point, I sense that he needs time to recover from this unfortunate experience. But what a shame that he had to go through this. My heart goes out to him.

If I've read for you before, you'll know how I work. But if you're wondering whether I would be the one asking the questions, think again. During my Telephone Readings, it's I tell you and then you are the one who is asking the questions - not the other way around. Just as it should be!

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