Friday 15 May 2015

The sound a falling tree makes

The other morning while I was still in bed - starting to wake up but in that half-asleep-half-awake zone - I thought I heard a rumble. It was the kind a heavily laden lorry might make along a bumpy road. Now as there's no nearby road for such a lorry, I assumed that I must have dreamt the sound. But once I got up and looked out the window, the source of this mysterious rumble suddenly became crystal clear.

Not too far from the main house stood an old ash tree. I knew that it was on its last legs, shall we say, and I had commented only days earlier that given its state and lean, I would soon need to get men in to fell it. Alas, nature decided to relieve me of that burden.

I'm sure you have guessed it. What I had sensed in my slumber was this massive tree crashing to the ground. And what a massive tree it was with its diameter measured slightly over 4 feet and its height somewhere in the region of 70 feet!

An old ash tree

Fortunately, it missed nearby structures. Unfortunately, it flattened another tree - one that I had grown from seed for my North American woodland that I'm in the process of creating.

Just like that, I knew that my day had been turned upside down. In place of my other plans, I was now going to spend the day cleaning up twigs, sawing branches and making room in the wood pile - not to mention figuring out what new tree to plant.

Naturally, I was disappointed and annoyed. But I consciously tried to gain the perspective that this was one of those good-news-bad-news situations. The bad news was there was a huge mess, my specimen tree was no more, my day had to be rescheduled... Alternatively, the good news was that the weather was lovely, I could spend time outside in the glorious countryside, I would be getting some much-needed exercise...

The even better news turned out to be that the clean-up took a lot less time and effort than I had originally thought. Moreover, a trip to the local tree nursery turned up an even more interesting replacement tree.

Always look on the bright side of life

My intention in sharing this bit of my life with you was to remind you that each of us has a choice to be made in life. When there's nothing else that can be done but play the hand you've been dealt, try to do so with joy and fun. By trying to see the opportunity in what had started out as a proper headache that I felt like I could have done without, I'm now actually grateful for the unexpected but rewarding day I had!

Until next time,


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