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Thursday 27 November 2014


We have long known the power of forgiveness and the role that it plays in healing. Forgiveness enables us to release the past - to break free from it so that we can move on. Forgiveness is by its nature retrospective. But when we are ready to look forward to welcome and embrace a new future - one of infinite possibilities - we have to turn to another emotion - the emotion of gratitude.

So very many of us are on our own personal journeys to find, to create, to manifest a better life. Being able to articulate and describe that “better life” - what it would look like, how we'd feel in it and who would be there with us - is actually only one piece of the puzzle. There's more to it than that.

Mystic schools have taught us that while we may not be able to touch or see thoughts, they are nonetheless very real and that through them we create our realities. But how can focusing one's thoughts on the very thing that you want - or put another way “that you don't have” - bring it into your life? And this is where gratitude steps in.

In Your Hands

When we focus on what we don't have or on what we don't want, all we do is connect with the lack or the negativity that we really want to avoid. And instead of fixing the situation, we remain stuck or even mired in it more deeply. Focusing on the status quo won't change a thing. It never has; it never will We have to do something else.

That something else is to call upon and trigger the power of gratitude. When we are grateful, we are thankful. When we are thankful, we feel appreciation for something that exists in our present. We aren't grateful for dreams, hopes or aspirations. We aren't grateful for what we might have someday; we are grateful for what we already have in our lives today.

And it's gratitude that helps us make that leap from where we are - in many instances where we don't want to be - to where we do want to be. If we can allow ourselves to feel grateful for the change and improvement we desire as if it has already happened, then a transformational even magical shift takes place.

When we are grateful for that reality that we so deeply and passionately want to create in our lives, we begin to see ourselves differently, we act differently, we think differently. This is when we harness that universal law known as the Law of Attraction. It really does work; but it's powered by gratitude. That's it - that's the secret.


Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Families and friends will be coming together and gathering around a feast to celebrate all that they have to be grateful for in their lives. But being grateful shouldn't be limited to those in America - or even to one day. Each of us has much for which we can be grateful now - and, perhaps more importantly, much for which we can be grateful in the future.

No matter where you are, I hope that you will take time today to consider any way in which you would like to change your life. See it in your mind's eye - feel it there - and then let yourself be grateful for it. Doing so may seem like an indulgent daydream, but I'm here to tell you that this is how you manifest your heart's desire.

To my American clients, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and to all my other clients, I say let this be the first day in which you begin to appreciate and connect with the true power of gratitude!

And if you feel that you're struggling with creating the life you want, don't delay in scheduling a session with me to learn how it's done - with the power of gratitude.

Until next time,


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