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Thursday 6 November 2014

Leeds and Liverpool Canal

I recently spent three months in the north of England. You might have called it something of a working holiday. I was taking time out of my usual life in Spain to explore some parts of the English countryside I had never visited as well as to catch up with family and friends. While there, I traced the entire length of the historic Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with stops in both Leeds and Liverpool and various points along the way.

Yorkshire landscape

The counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire have scenery that cannot help but relax you - no matter how stressed or running on empty you are. But it's more about what happened just prior to my return that I want to share with you today.

While I was flying back to Spain, I noticed just how anxious I was becoming. My mind seemed to be racing - running on overdrive. What would I find returning after a whole three months away? Would there be unexpected work to be done or would upsetting news await me? I seemed to be entertaining just about every possible scenario, all of which seemed to lead to doomsday.

Before I knew it, I was thinking that I could really do with a holiday. But hang on, I had just come from a holiday and a lengthy one at that. Did I need longer? Or, could something else be afoot?

If I counsel, coach or teach you, then you'll know that I'm forever talking about making sure that you're grounded and centred. And when I checked in with myself, I realised that I was neither. More than that, I had made the classic mistake of allowing my thoughts - and by thoughts in this instance I mean worries, anxieties and fears - get the better of me.

Man thinking calmly

A quick grounding and centring exercise restored my true state of mind (read: sanity) and I could once again see clearly. I could then appreciate that I had been pondering every scenario with the exception of the one that things might be just as I had left them with everything ticking over nicely in my absence. Being grounded and centred allows you to gain a sense of perspective, objectivity and impartiality that makes it so much easier to be optimistic, which is absolutely crucial since our thoughts really do possess a power to attract the very thing we are thinking about.

In the end, I arrived home safe and sound to find everything just as it should be - safe and sound. There had been no reason to fret. And had I remembered to keep a tight rein on my thoughts - instead of allowing them to keep me under a tight rein - I could have saved myself considerable bother.

I share this anecdote with you to remind you that it takes practice, courage and perseverance to control your thoughts - not to be a slave to them but master of them. It can be done - and when it is done, life is so much easier.

If this is something that you're struggling with, don't delay in scheduling a session with me to learn how to ground and centre yourself - a key step in releasing fear and embracing faith as you create a true and authentic life.

Until next time,


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