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Wednesday 8 August 2014

Pruning a vine

The weather in Spain recently has been simply glorious and so I've been spending as much time outside in the garden as possible. Getting on top of my horticultural tasks is now something of a priority as I'll soon be travelling back to my UK base. And while I wouldn't want to rush the summer season, I did find myself doing a bit of pre-emptive pruning.

With secateurs in hand, it occurred to me that there are many different ways to prune - all depending on what your aim is. For example, if you want fruit, you would look to shape the plant based on the strongest buds, snipping out those that are dormant, damaged or simply weak. Alternatively, if you wanted to encourage the plant to put all of its energy into growth, then you would make your cuts in a way to stimulate new shoots and reduce the drain and stress of fruit production.

Pruning in the garden is all about identifying your goal and then focusing the plant's energy accordingly - to produce growth or fruit. But just as plants are alive and full of energy so too are we human beings. We are, after all, energetic creatures ourselves. As such, the idea of focusing our energies - or doing a little pruning in our lives now and again seems quite appropriate to me.

After I was finished in the garden, I spent a little time reflecting on this metaphor - of pruning in life. If you close your eyes, you can allow your mind's eye to show you where you're sending your energy during your daily routine. You can see visions and experience impressions that can help you appreciate and understand whether your energy is flowing in a way that is consistent with your goals - or whether a cut here and there might be in order.

In the garden, you prune with secateurs. In life, we prune with our choices. Just as you maintain and improve your plants by pruning them, you can - and should - consider whether your life wouldn't be better off with a few selective snips here and there - made by some different choices.

A tired plant can be re-invigorated by a good prune; equally someone who has been struggling in life can benefit from redirecting and refocusing their energy with more conscious choices.

When you next have some free time, have some fun with this. Visualise where your energy is going and ask yourself whether you and your life - like a garden and the plants in it - couldn't do with a good ol' prune!

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