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Monday 28 July 2014

Thinking about your questions

I'll be starting this week by catching up with some of my students of intuitive development. You could say that they are some of my more advanced students. They've been working very hard - practising every opportunity they get to see if they can focus and a manage a "hit". It's such a rewarding experience guiding people as they try to connect with this natural source of wisdom that lies within each of us.

What I've come to realise - whether my students are taking their first steps - or as this group is, already giving readings to other people - there's one thing that they simply must never lose sight of.

I call it the Golden Rule of Intuition and it states that intuition is only ever as good as the question asked.

Most people don't think of there being very much pre-work involved in being intuitive - or giving intuitive readings - other than perhaps some meditation and possibly exercises to flex your visualisation muscles. But that's only half the process.

When you're trying to get intuitive insights, you have to consider what it is that you want to know about. You have to work on your question. And the best place to start is to make sure that you are asking what you really want to know. Our intuitive minds deal best with simple questions. Avoid asking those that are complex and compound. Avoid as well asking questions that are emotionally loaded or laden with value judgements.

The next time you are looking for intuitive insights - whether from yourself or from an experienced professional - take some time to ponder your question. Think about it. What is it that you really want to know? It might sound obvious but you'll be surprised as you find yourself working - and re-working your question.

Trust me, it will be time well spent and the intuitive insights you get will be all the better for it.

And speaking of questions, I need to think of a few of my own. You see, today I'm being treated to some readings myself - from my students. Yes, they really are that good. The tables have turned and it's my turn to get a reading. I can't wait!

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